Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 18 Lao Ye Temple Waters (NPC)

Lou Fan guessed, "So, maybe this bead has something to do with us diving into the water?"

Qin Tan looked at Lou Fan and replied, "Maybe."

Lou Fan stood up and threw away the harpoon. Clapping his hands, he said, "We'll talk about it tomorrow, I'm going to die of sleepiness."

The two walked back to the wooden house and woke Chen Shuyang and Gong Yi up to change shifts. Lou Fan patted the pillow in the corner and quickly fell asleep. Qin Tan laid down beside Lou Fan where they are facing each other. Looking at Lou Fan’s sleeping face, Qin Tan lightly chuckled. His lips moved and he wordlessly said good night before closing his eyes.

When Lou Fan woke up, he looked at his watch and saw that it is already 10.00 am. He got up from the ground anxiously, it seems that he is the only person in the whole house. As soon as he opened the door, the sunlight enveloped him, warm and mellow. The lake is sparkling, and there is no horrible scenery from last night at all, only a sunny lake scene is there.

"Brother Lou, good morning!" Chen Shuyang is sitting by the lake, grilling the fish in his hand.

"Brother Qin caught these from the lake."

Lou Fan: "You sure have a strong taste. You even dare to eat the things from the lake."

Chen Shuyang shook the fish, "It's a normal fish."

Lou Fan looked around and asked, "Where are the dead fish monsters?"

"It's gone." Qin Tan came out from behind the hut and shook the water in his hand. "They (the other members in the team) are the ones who wanted to eat the fish."

Lou Fan patted Qin Tan on the shoulder, "We should continue to eat dry food."

Chen Shuyang opened his mouth, wanting to say something. What the hell, it is clearly Brother Qin who took the initiative to catch the fish, and he even said to leave one for Brother Lou. How did it change to they are the ones who wanted to eat it? Then, Chen Shuyang looked at the fish in his hand and then thought of the fish monster corpse Lou Fan asked. He suddenly felt like he is holding a ‘hot potato’ and immediately threw the fish before running away. Wen Lang just walked out of the village and saw that the lonely grilled fish had become charcoal black.

The group of 8 people sat down in a circle and ate dry food. Wen Lang suddenly said, "I wonder if Black Scorpion has encountered the fish monster as well?" Such a terrifying fish monster, if they didn't return to the village for shelter, some of their team members would surely die.

Chen Shuyang sighed, "Let's focus on taking care of ourselves, the fish monsters are too scary."

Qin Tan saw that everyone had almost finished eating, and said, "Check your weapons. We will head to the Lao Ye Temple later."

The lower-level team of 5 took out their weapons one after another. Wen Lang held the poker in his hand and looked at Lou Fan's bow greedily, "Brother Lou, can you really shoot unlimited arrows with your bow?"

Lou Fan smiled, handed Wen Lang the bow to look at. Then he asked, "Your spirit weapon is poker cards? It's also a strange weapon, what's the limit?"

It turns out that Lou Fan is not a rookie. Man, previously he(WL) was treating them like a rookie, but every one of them is so good. Well, except for Chen Shuyang's book. Wen Lang picked up a poker and replied, "The limit is only one deck of cards per day."

It stands to reason that one should not tell others about the limits of their spirit weapon, but since their team has fought for their lives together, Wen Lang didn't care too much about this. The other reason is that spirit weapons cannot cause harm to people, whether in Lazuli or the mission world. Other weapons can be used though, such as the short sword exchanged by Chen Shuyang and the dagger bought by Lou Fan.

Lou Fan looked at Zhang Xue's doll next; it is a doll with a big palm, which can become a half-human height during battle. It is also a very special spirit weapon. Qin Tan stood up, hung the Tang sword on his waist, and carried his backpack. Lou Fan also got up and prepared, clapping his hands, "Get ready to go, it's almost noon!"

As soon as Lou Fan said that, Xiao Yu screamed like crazy, "You can't go! You can't leave us, what if monsters are appearing again? Why are you being irresponsible and leaving us here?! You are not allowed to go anywhere!"

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet. Everyone is so stunned by Xiao Yu’s logic that they suddenly forgot what to say.

Feeling amused, Wen Lang asked, "Who gave you the confidence to let everyone take care of you? Are you amazingly beautiful and cute? Little sister, don't be naive. Everyone is trying their best to live, only you are hiding behind others. Even your friend is working hard, but what about you? Not wanting to work hard but still hope everyone to take care of you. Is everyone in the whole world your mother?"

Xiao Yu glared at Wen Lang ferociously, as if she wanted to eviscerate him, chop him up and feed him to the dog. It's a pity that Wen Lang doesn’t bother and only looked at her mockingly.

"You guys will die horribly!"

Lin Man Man didn't expect Xiao Yu to say such a thing. This Xiao Yu in front of her is no longer her good friend. When she tried to say something, Xiao Yu waved her hand away and pointed at them. She cursed viciously, "You will definitely have retribution!"

As Xiao Yu said that, she backed away step by step, staring at everyone, as if to carve them all into her heart. Then she ran into the village and disappeared.

Although it is not the first time Lou Fan met this kind of person, he still feels disheartened. A lot of times, there are people like this. They can’t see the reality and feel that the whole world should circle around them. As for retribution, it probably doesn’t exist in this world. There are only people who don't work hard and court death.

Qin Tan's eyes are indifferent, this kind of person is not worthy of him to say more, "Go."

Lin Man Man and Gong Yi stood there obediently as they said, "We will take care of ourselves. You guys, Brother Lou and Sister Xue, be careful too!"

Lou Fan drew his dagger from his waist and handed it to Lin Man Man, "Take this to defend yourself. Don't trust anyone else and you two must be together at all times. Gong Yi, you must protect Man Man."

Holding the harpoon in his hand, Gong Yi promised, "Brother Lou, don't worry."

Their group of 5 people walked in the direction of Lao Ye Temple. There is a small road from the small fishing village to Lao Ye Temple. There is a long rope on the side of the road near the riverbank. The rope is covered with red cloth strips and strange black runes are painted all over the red cloth, which looked very strange. After walking for more than an hour, the group stood at the foot of the mountain and looked up. Lao Ye Temple is located on the top of the mountain, which is not too high. They walked up the winding mountain road and soon reached the top of the mountain.

Lao Ye Temple is built on the mountain next to the lake, without any obstructions in all 4 directions. From the temple, one can see thousands of miles of mist-covered waters, it is a very peculiar temple. There is a tall four-pillar archway in front of the temple. The main temple is 9 meters high and enshrines the statue of General Ju Yuan. It looks very magnificent. Looking down from the temple on the mountain, the entire lake can be taken in. Like a guardian who protects the village from the monsters at the bottom of the lake.

Banana: All this while I'm translating the this arc, I cannot understand how the area around the temple looked like. It turned out to be like this. Link

Qin Tan: "Let’s go in and have a look."

Lou Fan and the rest followed Qin Tan in, but they did not expect to meet an acquaintance - Black Scorpion is in Lao Ye Temple.

The people from the Black Scorpion team looked obviously surprised when they saw them. Xiao Qian, the woman who was rude to them when they first met, exclaimed in surprise, "All five of you are still alive!"

Clearly, for Black Scorpion, it is normal to expect more than half of their team of 5 people to be killed or injured. Now that everyone is well and alive, it is an unbelievable thing.

Lou Fan weakly complained to himself, ‘So sorry that we are alive and we let you down.’

A man who looked like the captain of the team came over. His bangs are so long that they almost covered half of his face. People would wonder if he can really see the way.

"Hello, my name is Hu Nan." Hu Nan stretched out his hand to Qin Tan.

Qin Tan also stretched out his hand, "Hello, I’m Qin Tan."

Wen Lang curled his mouth at Lou Fan and Lou Fan looked at him suspiciously. Wen Lang approached Lou Fan and whispered, "Their team is missing 1 person."

Sure enough, there are only 5 people in Black Scorpion now. Their members were 6 before this. Moreover, 2 people in the team had bandages on their hands and looked badly injured.

Hu Nan: "We encountered the fish monsters when we were staying in the village. We lost a member and two were injured."

Qin Tan nodded, "Those fish monsters are really hard to deal with. We are quite lucky."

Hu Nan: "..." How should I pick it up the conversation now?

Xiao Qian can’t continue with this conversation anymore and said, "You guys must be really lucky. Otherwise, how could there be no casualties in your team? That fish monster has thick skin and thick flesh, and there are so many of them. How can your Level 1 team be unscathed?" She glanced contemptuously across the crowd, and fell on Qin Tan with an unknown smile, "But the captain looks very powerful."

Lou Fan swiftly pushed Qin Tan behind him and said, "We are indeed lucky. Our captain is not reliable at all and is unarmed. By the way, we still have our task to do so we are leaving first."

Lou Fan didn't blush at all when he blatantly lied and fully demonstrated what it means by ‘saying things righteously as if they are real’.

Xiao Qian's face turned red and white by Lou Fan’s rebut. She wanted to say a few more words, but when she saw that Qin Tan's eyes are full of coldness, she got so frightened that she did not dare to speak again. This man was speaking nicely earlier, so why is he looking scary now?

Hu Nan pulled Xiao Qian away and glared at her. This woman keeps getting in the way, and she would blatantly look for trouble, not realizing her limit.

"Qin Tan, I have an idea. I wonder if you are willing to cooperate with us?"

Hu Nan said to Qin Tan, "Our task is to rescue Sun Hai and his party. Sun Hai and the other 4 people are the sacrifices for the ceremony. Personally, there are still a few days before the sacrificial ceremony starts. We have plenty of time to help you complete your task first."

Lou Fan rolled his eyes, do they look stupid to them? Qin Tan is even cleverer, alright?

Qin Tan said, "Your task is more important. We can complete it by ourselves so we won't take up your time." Qin Tan looked at the 2 wounded men, "Besides, your team members also need to take good care of their injuries."

Hu Nan also simply opened up and explained, "We planned to wait until the day of the sacrifice to go on the boat. Then we can save those people directly."

Qin Tan frowned, "Those fish monsters are difficult to deal with, how do you plan to save them?"

"Steer the ship back!" Hu Nan answered like it’s given, "The key to clear the mission world is sometimes so simple and crude. We have considered many methods, but none of them will work."

Lou Fan couldn't agree with their simplicity and crudeness. The boat will sail to the middle of the lake. Is there enough time to steer back to the shore? What if the ship couldn't be steered? If the fish monsters rushed onto the ship and waited until the ship sank, there might not be any chance of surviving it. Unless the Black Scorpion team has the equipment to bring all the people back, this method is not reliable at all.

Lou Fan thinks that the most important thing is the NPC named Sun Hai and the other 4 people. Maybe they can solve their mission by finding all 5 of them. It is impossible for the mission world to give an unsolvable mission. But the people of the Black Scorpion team didn't think about this method, and are prepared to use their simple-to-death method!

Wen Lang asked the question in everyone’s mind, "Have you found the person named Sun Hai?"

A member of the Black Scorpion team walked behind the god status, pulled out a young Taoist priest. Pointing at him, he said, "This is Sun Hai!"

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