In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 18 - The Scheming of a Boy

The door to the conference room opened, and following the sound of footsteps, people came in.

It was the supply procurement team.

Apparently, it had been a success, so Rei was relieved.

Tooru instructed them to separate the supplies, and then broadcasted to the cleaning-up team that the supplies had been collected.

The cleaning-up team would probably return after there was a pause to some extent.

He leaned back on the chair and let out a sigh.

It was then that he finally realized that he was tense.

If someone had ended up dying while he had been lazy and not moving, he surely wouldn’t have any good dreams afterward.

“First, let’s clean the chairs and desks and make some space.”

Following Tooru’s instructions, they started tidying up the desks and chairs.

Tooru was amazing, was what he thought from the bottom of his heart.

Even though there were seniors there, and his decisions were even a matter between life and death, he still instructed them precisely.

Furthermore, it was even while taking in everyone’s opinion.

Even though he had only known his name a short while before this, he was now taking pride in him.

And also accepting.

It was the acceptance of an inseparable feeling that he could never be like that.

“There were two different kinds of people in the world” was a metaphor he often heard.

And, the words that followed had been said in different ways, but he thought like this,

“Useful people” and “useless people”.

Useful people were probably people like him.

That did, naturally, not mean that he was superior to others.

In this case, “useful” was “useful” to turning the cogwheels of society.

If he was to continue studying like he had, then go to a university, entering a company, when he was of old age, he would have a decent position.

That was probably the true way.

Without realizing that he was a cogwheel of society, or even if he did realize it, he would still carry out his duty - that was a “useful person” to society.

However, Tooru was different.

He was probably a “useless person”.

Without being bound by common sense, taking in the place, his own ideas, as well as those of the people around them, he devised something unimaginable like a magic trick.

He was, surely, not able to show this talent in society, and even if he did show it, he might even be shunned because of it.

But in the current state of emergency, only where the cogwheels of society were all smashed up, he could change from “useless” to “useful”

Perhaps, they might even be of completely different races.

After the cleaning-up team returned, they had dinner.

Taking into account that not everyone had eaten lunch properly and that they would be working hard tomorrow, they served the portions of food a little more than usual.

Since everyone seemed to get to know each other, Tooru felt peace of mind for the time being.

“Well, so.”

As Tooru opened his mouth, his voice disappeared, and a silence enveloped the room.

Since they were playing music on the opposite side of the conference room, no zombies came near them.

“I want to decide on watching duty.”

“Watching duty?”

“Yes, watching duty. We will be sleeping near each other from now on, but… oh, of course, girls will be with girls, so don’t worry.”

Everyone burst out in laughter.

It was a good atmosphere.

“If the music stopped playing for some reason in the middle of the night, and zombies came, I think it would definitely feel safer if there was someone watching. Which is why.”

Tooru started writing the time on the whiteboard.

“I would like you to write a time on this whiteboard. Also, I’m thinking of only having the guys take turns, but if the girls want to as well, that is, of course, alright too. Then, please continue eating.”

As Tooru resumed his dinner, Daiki called out to him.

“Hey, Tooru?”

“Hmm? What?”

“One moment…”

Daiki pulled Tooru aside.”

“Hey, what is it?”

“It’s fine, just come with.”

Daiki pulled his hand, and brought him all the way to where Kazuma was.

“Oh, Tooru too, huh! I’m glad my pals are increasing!”


Tooru tilted his head.

However, when he saw Daiki’s sullen face and Kazuma’s bad smile, he began to feel like they were involved with something troublesome.

“See, I wonder if you can see the girls are changing clothes?”

Kazuma pulled his arms a few times.

It was just like he was telling him to guess.

“Oh. I think I understand.”

Rather, since their heads were dyed pink, so there was only that.


“I’m good.”

It was of course.

If they did something like this around this time of situation, they would lose trust, and if he did anything more, Miu’s cold stare become unbearable.

“Are you serious! And you call yourself a guy?”

“Why do you have to say that I’m a weak person? Anyway, stopping is for your own good.”

Tooru said, and went to write his own name on the whiteboard, then went to be on watch duty.

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