Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1815: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 64)

After taking care of everything, she said goodbye to Nian An.

Nian An was even more quiet than usual as he kept staring at her, as if he was giving her endless power.

“Little Nian An, if I can come back, I’ll bring your dad back as well.”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a gentle smile, “He is a very excellent man, he will definitely love you very much.”

Nian An seemed to understand what she said and slowly waved his little hand in front of her, gently grabbing her hair.  His eyes had a sparkle in them, which looked very cute.

Luo Qing Chen grabbed his little hand and rubbed it against her cheek.  Then she took the Moon Glass Fan in his crib as she said, “Mom will leave this with you.  Although I don’t know if it will follow you in your eternal reincarnation, I believe that it will definitely let you live a peaceful life.”

“This fan looks so good.  Sister in law, give me one too.”

“The Moon Glass Fan is a rare divine artifact.  I have to thank my system, at least I can keep this kind of thing in the modern world.

Luo Qing Chen gave a chuckle as Lan Fan looked at her with a confused look.

[Think of it as a birthday present for the little baby!]

The system’s mechanical voice sounded in her mind which strangely made Luo Qing Chen feel assured.

She held the Phoenix Dance Sword as she stood in front of the gates of the underworld, but she didn’t feel any fear at all.

There were many familiar figures around her.  They were all friends of Du Jiu Sheng who had come to her wedding before.

Standing in the center was Ming Si.  He looked at Luo Qing Chen for a while before giving a sigh, “You came in the end.”

“Of course I came.”  Luo Qing Chen held the Phoenix Dance Sword in her right hand as a sharp look appeared in her eyes, “I want to see Du Jiu Sheng!”

“He isn’t someone you can see when you want.”  Ming Si crossed his arms and stood in front of the gates as he looked at her, “Go back!  This isn’t something that he wants to see.”

“I want to see Du Jiu Sheng!”  It was the same words without any change.

Ming Si narrowed his eyes and knew that she wouldn’t go back after seeing her determined look.

He gave a sigh and said, “You have to beat that floor master of the eighteen levels of hell, then you can enter the Boundless Land and see the person you want to see.”

“Many thanks.”

Luo Qing Chen attacked in Ming Si’s direction with the Phoenix Dance Sword, not showing any mercy.

She knew that she couldn’t show any mercy because even if it was a single distraction, she wouldn’t be able to see Du Jiu Sheng and lose her life here.

First floor, second floor, third floor…...Eighteenth floor.

She killed all gods and buddhas that she met.  As long as they stood in front of her, none of them were able to stop her.

A Phoenix Dance Sword and an Exquisite Ring, charging through the eighteen floors of the underworld alone, just to reach the Boundless Land to see that person.

The cold wind of the underworld swept across her face and she arrived in the Boundless Land covered in blood, with three fourths of her soul scattered.

Each step was like being stabbed by a needle, but her heart was filled with a strange excitement.

When she came to the center of the Boundless Land, she clutched her chest and had no strength to stand up.

Suddenly, there was a warm embrace that came around her without any warning as a pampering voice came from beside her ear, “Qing Chen, you shouldn’t have come.”

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