Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1818: Not regretting the dream, only that it ended too quickly (Part 2)

It was a man named Ye Mu who was also a six hundred year old spirit.

He was related to Jin Rong Feng, or at least they knew each other.

As expected, Ye Mu gave us the story of what happened six hundred years ago.

It was at that moment that I knew why she was my love tribulation.  Six hundred years ago, she was my disciple, my orthodox disciple.

Ye Mu was her guard, her loyal guard who had wandered this world for six hundred years for her.

There was a strange feeling that I couldn’t describe in my heart, but I couldn’t say anything.

After all, with someone else protecting her, I could feel more assured.

But Ye Mu’s appearance had confirmed one thing for me, I wasn’t a person who was indifferent to everything.  At least in front of her, I felt that I was a very domineering and black bellied person.

Although I didn’t show it with my expression, the emotions in my heart couldn’t be concealed.

Drinking and singing with her in the night, seeing her touch my lips with her lips, there was a strong taste of alcohol mixed with a bit of sweetness.

There was no one in this world who knew how much my heart was shaking underneath that calm as water appearance.

What I wanted to do the most was take her in by embrace and push her down.

This kind of evil thought didn’t just appear in my mind, it stayed for a long time.

So…..when you met someone you liked, even hell envoy couldn’t escape the impulses of the love tribulation.

We drank for a long time and talked about many things.

She said that she was always looking for a person, someone very important to her.  She said that person was waiting for her, whether it was hell or heaven, he would be waiting.

Even in the endless passage of time, he was still waiting.

She said…...that person should be me.

When I saw her clear as water eyes and slightly curled lips, my heart was moved.

Although in the end I still endured it.

Until the second time she was in danger, I finally vented all the feelings in my heart.

Because this time, she clearly knew about it and didn’t tell me.  She actually went to face that six hundred year old vengeful spirit alone, did she not know that she was a human?

If it wasn’t a hell envoy and was just a human, I couldn’t match Jin Rong Feng at all, not to mention her…..

It was a good thing I came.

It was a good thing she was fine.

It was a good thing I protected her.

After that, I became very sensitive.  I completely focused on her safety, afraid of making even a single mistake.

Until Ming Si appeared and my heart almost jumped out of my mouth…..,

Because I knew what kind of person Ming Si was.  He was the highest authority of the underworld and the only order that he gave us hell envoys was——Pass the six hundred year old love tribulation!

I stood in front of Luo Qing Chen and prepared to go all out.

He said that he wouldn’t hurt us.

He said that he could hold a wedding for us and he would be the witness.

He said that now was the best time and the wedding dress must be very beautiful.

Just like that, Ming Si held this wedding for us.  I never thought that a wedding between a human and a hell envoy would be this supported by my peers and I never thought that Ming Si would be our witness.

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