Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1821: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 2)

After accepting the memories of the previous host, Luo Qing Chen for the first time felt that being born obsessed was a terrifying thing.

The previous host entered the palace at the age of nine and became the supporting male lead, Mu Han Che’s maid.  The supporting female lead Mu Han Che was King Mu’s third son, so he had a lowly status.

The previous host didn’t care back then, she just felt that after wandering for four years, she finally had a home.

She didn’t have any memories before the age of five and it wasn’t until long after that she learned that these memories disappeared because of a strange poison.

This was a three part split world.  The Mu Country was the weakest of the three countries, so King Mu worked hard for many years before falling to illness.

King Mu had three wives, the queen gave birth to a child, another concubine had a daughter, and Mu Han Che had the lowest status.

Because his mother was nothing more than a singer, an occupation that was considered shameless in this world.

Even if she didn’t sell her body, the people in the palace still looked down on her.  There would always be people who said that Mu Han Che’s birth was an accident.

It wasn’t that King Mu wanted to give birth to him, but because his mother gave birth too easily.

The previous host was led into the palace by the eunuch who took care of Mu Han Che.  When she first met Mu Han Che, she was only fifteen years old.

He was dressed in dark clothes and there was a bit of unclear gloominess in his eyes.  Those eyes didn’t seem like the eyes a fifteen year old young man should have.

“You will be called Xiao Qing and you can call me young master.”

“Yes, young master.”

Mu Han Che looked at the eunuch with a meaningful gaze who gave a slight nod.

Luo Qing Chen was put in a side wing after entering the palace.  After all, he had no position in the palace, not to mention a small maid like her.

When she had a swollen face one night from being bullied, Mu Han Che used hsi black handkerchief to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth, “Only when you become strong will people not bully you.”

“Young master……”

“Become my secret guard, I will have an expert teach you martial arts.”

The previous host didn’t understand what Mu Han Che meant then, she just nodded right away.

Actually, Mu Han Che never would have known that whether it was as a secret guard or as something else, as long as he said anything, the previous host was willing to do it for him.

The previous host was no longer Mu Han Che’s personal maid and she was taken to a secret room in the palace by the eunuch.

There were thirty people inside and they all had scars on their bodies.  There was also the scent of blood that filled this room.

The previous host felt her stomach churn.  Everyone looked at her with cold gazes, without a single bit of emotion in their eyes.

“You will be training here from this day forth.  The young master wanted me to tell you that you have to grit your teeth in determination to keep living.”  The eunuch said these final words in a soft voice beside her ear.

It was probably because of this that no matter how hard it was for the previous host, she gritted her teeth and survived.

After three years, there were only seven left of the over thirty people.

They didn’t kill each other, but the people who died couldn’t take the inhuman abuse and collapsed.

The remaining seven had gripped their fists, they were all unique.

The most exceptional among them was the previous host, but the two best people other than the previous host were Song Le and Chi Mo.

They were the most powerful three swords among the secret guards, born to die for Mu Han Che and kept performing unseen tasks.

The previous host understood, but she enjoyed the hardships…...

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