Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1822: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 3)

They had gone through life and death many times and each time they came back, Mu Han Che just gave them a nod and told them to apply their own medicine.

The previous host never knew why this person could be this indifferent.  Their group had died for him, but he didn’t give a certain word of affirmation.

He was indifferent like a piece of thousand year old ice, letting no one approach him.

But the youthful previous host didn’t believe this.  On a day where the sky was filled with snow, she went to Mu Han Che’s bedroom from the secret room.

There seemed to be a charcoal fire there and she could feel a bit of warmth on her feet standing at the door.

When she wanted to knock on the door, the door suddenly opened.

She moved very quickly and hid in the bushes by the door.

When she saw this scene, there were no words to describe the pain in her heart.

She saw the cold Mu Han Zhe gently holding a girl.  She was wearing a creamy white dress with a butterfly pattern, with a silver plated hairpin inlaid with an emerald in her hair.  She seemed noble and glamorous…...

And she was wearing a simple and patched up dark robe and she didn’t have any makeup on.

Compared to the girl beside Mu Han Che, she was that lowly and…..small…..

The previous host stood there and watched everything happening as her heart died.

It turned out that she liked and admired Mu Han Che this much, but she was never willing to admit it.

When the eunuch sent that girl away, Mu Han Che looked up in her direction, “Come out.”

His voice was very cold, just like ice, shaking her soul.

The previous host slowly came out and fell down on the ground covered in the snow as she bowed down, “Greetings, young master.”

“Un.”  Mu Han Che gave a slight nod and said, “Come in with me.”

If it was said that the previous host had a bitter unrequited love and worship before, this was the only night that she spent with Mu Han Che in the same room.  He took the wine and gave it to her.

Without knowing why, the previous host who normally feared him didn’t refuse this time.  She just opened it and drank it all down.

Mu Han Che narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, with a bit of a sparkle in his eyes.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked into her clear eyes.  With a bit of flush, he raised his right hand to raise her chin and placed a kiss.

It was this kiss that made the previous host walk the wrong path in the end.

According to Song Le, it was Mu Han Che who sent her back to the secret room last night.  She asked if she would become a phoenix and the previous host couldn’t help smiling when she heard this.

But Chi Mo’s expression wasn’t good.  He seriously told the previous host that Mu Han Che wasn’t as she imagined.

He could pay any price to get what he wanted.

As his secret guards, they were only his pawns.

The previous host had angrily refuted him and angrily broken off their friendship.

The border of life and death…..

It was because she wasn’t willing to hear other people talk badly about Mu Han Che.

But facts proved that Chi Mo was right because three days later, Mu Han Che announced the date of his wedding.  The other side of the wedding was the girl that she had seen the other day.

She was the Yu Country’s princess named Yu Jin Er.

The previous engagement between the two countries was for Mu Han Che’s older brother, Mu Chao Yang, but Yu Jin Er had changed her mind and insisted on marrying Mu Han Che.

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