Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1823: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 4)

Since the Yu Country was stronger than the Mu Country, even if King Mu wanted her to be betrothed to his son Mu Chao Yang, he couldn’t do a thing.

Yu Jin Er was the beloved daughter of King Yu, so whether it was in the Yu Country or the Mu Country, no one dared to go against her wishes.

A month later, Mu Han Che married Yu Jin Er.  In the eyes of others, they were a good match.

Only the previous host was alone in the secret room, crying her eyes out.

There was only Song Le and Chi Mo who were by her side…...

Chi Mo couldn’t stand seeing her in pain like this and said, “Let’s leave here, just the three of us and wander the world!”

Song Le nodded without any hesitation.  The previous host looked at them and decided to leave this painful place.

She decided to live a normal life from now on, having nothing to do with the royal palace or Mu Han Che.

But they didn’t know that they were found by Mu Han Che three days after escaping.  He stood on the high platform looking at Luo Qing Chen who was being protected by Song Le and Chi Mo, with a bit of worry in his deep eyes.

Then he coldly looked at them and softly said, “I’ll give you a chance, only one can live.”

His secret guard had chosen to flee, if he were to find out, they would definitely lose their lives.

But he gave them a choice this time, only one out of the three would live.

This was a desperate choice, it wasn’t a chance at all.

At that moment, Song Le and Chi Mo stood up in front of her at the same time with determined looks.

For them, the previous host was their little girl and they could use their lives to protect her.

Chi Mo took another step forward and put Song Le behind him as he looked up at Mu Han Che, “Let them go, alright?  Everything was my idea.  I ask young master…...to kill me!”

“Of course I will kill you.”  Mu Han Che narrowed his eyes as a cold glow appeared in them, “You think that I can’t tell what you’re thinking?”

Every time he was with Luo Qing Chen, every time he made her laugh, there was a different feeling in his heart.

He hated Chi Mo, hated him from the bottom of his heart.  He didn’t know why, but this feeling kept sprouting from the bottom of his heart.

“It’s good that you know, it’s too bad that I can’t get it.”  Chi Mo lowered his head, speaking with the strength of a man as endless loneliness filled his voice.

Even if he was a secret guard, he didn’t back down when he was in front of them.

Until there was an arrow that pierced through his heart, then he fell down. The previous host and Song Le called out and held Chi Mo in their arms as they shook their heads while muttering, “No…..no……”

In the end, Chi Mo still closed his eyes.  Before dying, he looked right into Luo Qing Chen’s eyes and said, “I like you very much, I really do…..It’s a pity that……”

Song Le broke out in tears and kept shouting, “Chi Mo, Chi Mo, Chi Mo……”

Actually, she knew that Chi Mo liked the previous host, but she couldn’t stop herself from liking Chi Mo.  For her, it was enough to watch something she liked from afar.

She could protect Chi Mo and the previous host.

When the two of them collapsed, Mu Han Che narrowed his eyes and looked at her, “I’ll give you a chance.  Marry into the Nan Chao Country and make Nan Yi Sheng fall in love with you before killing him, that will be your final task.  After you finish it, you can take Song Le and leave.”

“Don’t agree to him……”  Song Le tightly held her hand and said, “I’m not afraid of death.”

The previous host took a deep breath before looking at Mu Han Che, “I agree.”

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