Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1825: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 6)

The previous host didn’t go back to the Mu Country after finishing the mission and wandered alone to many other places before finally dying three years later.

Before she died, she thought of Song Le, Chi Mo, Nan Yi Sheng, but she didn’t think of Mu Han Che.

He seemed to have disappeared from her memories, suddenly becoming blank…..

Un, she regretted it.

This kind of love was doomed to fail since the beginning, but she had fallen because of one kiss.

It should be this obsession that came to the bronze mirror and caused the appearance of Luo Qing Chen.

When she appeared, it was the day the horse carriage arrived in the Nan Chao Country.

[Has the host sorted out the memories?]  The system thought that it had already been three hours, did the host wander around in another world?

Ah!  She was suddenly a bit scared by someone talking in her ear.  Isn’t this an A rank mission?  Let me think about it.

[System notification: The male lead didn’t die in the previous host’s world.]


What does that mean?  He didn’t die?

[Yes.  The host should slowly unlock that reason!]

Luo Qing Chen felt an urge to beat the system when she heard this, but she endured it!

Since coming to this world, everything seemed to be based on the story.  She would take care of the system later!

First, let’s not talk about the Mu Country’s affairs.  What kind of personality did this crown prince of the Nan Chao Country, Nan Yi Sheng have?

He didn’t have a consort or a concubine in the previous host’s memories.  Even though she got hurt for him, she was only made a first class maid and was taken care of.

Seeing the bustling streets, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help shaking her head and muttering, “It really is worthy of an A rank mission, even the male lead’s personality is hard to figure out!”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t have time to think.  She stayed in an inn for the night and followed the path of the previous host the next day, going to become a palace girl.

The previous host looked very good, with eyes that were as clear as stars and a cute pair of light dimples.

This look had instantly taken the official and she entered the palace in the afternoon, becoming the maid of the Supreme Harmony Hall.

The Supreme Harmony Hall was where the current king of the Nan Chao Kingdom lived!

Standing at the gate of the Supreme Harmony Hall, Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows.

As expected, when she came to this world, there were many things that changed.

She vaguely remembered that in the previous host’s memories, she had been assigned to the kitchen when she entered the palace and had been assigned to help the imperial chef.

But now she had directly become a palace girl.

She felt…...a bit unsettled.

“This is where you will work from now on.  Remember to talk less and do more, be careful of your words and actions.”  The official looked at her and warned her like every palace girl before her.

But she didn’t forget to add,  “Opportunities are for those who are prepared.”

Luo Qing Chen immediately understood the meaning of this.  She narrowed her eyes and looked at her with a faint smile, “Qing Chen understands.”

She was surprised when she had said this.  In the previous host’s memories, Mu Han Che had told her that her name was Xiao Chen.

But the bronze mirror had shown the words ‘Luo Qing Chen’.

Could it be that this name was related to the identity of the previous host that Mu Han Che hid it?

She felt a light bulb suddenly come on in her head.

She had to compliment herself from the bottom of her heart, she was so smart and had sneaky ideas…..

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