Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1857: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 38)

This was Nan Yi Sheng and Mu Han Che’s first meeting.  They were respectful on the surface, but they all had their own thoughts deep down.

Walking out of the side hall, Mu Han Che stood in the heavy snow with his heart beating fast.

After not seeing for so long, she had grown up.  When he looked at her, she didn’t panic, but faced him right on.

There was another man by her side holding her hand, taking control of her.

Without knowing why, this was the first time he felt like he had fallen in an abyss.

There was a strong pain in his heart which made him know for the first time what kind of position this girl had in his heart.

Or perhaps it could be said that his entire life and his entire soul trembled.

“King Mu, you have been in the snow for a long time, you shouldn’t let your body freeze.”  The eunuch behind him muttered in a low voice which brought Mu Han Che back to his senses.

He took a deep breath and gave a sigh, “There’s no need to follow me.”

“This umbrella……”

“There’s also no need.”

He crossed his hands as soon as his voice fell and he walked into the snow.

With a cold breeze, countless snowflakes hit his face and he felt a bit suffocated, so painful that he couldn’t breathe.

He didn’t know how long he walked in the snow, only when the numbness of his feet surpassed the pain in his heart did he finally slowly stop.

Mu Han Che knew at that moment that he didn’t want Luo Qing Chen to go back.

Whether it was the Nan Chao Country or Nan Yi Sheng’s side!

Even if he couldn’t achieve his goal.


At that same time in the Snow Admiring Hall.

This was the side hall Mu Han Che had arranged for them, it was the closest to the hall he lived in.

Luo Qing Chen tried the dishes one by one at dinner before letting Nan Yi Sheng eat.

“There shouldn’t be any poison!”  Luo Qing Chen put the silver needle back in her bag before turning to Nan Yi Sheng, “Let’s eat……”

Before her voice fell, his right hand took her waist and without giving her any time to react, he placed a kiss on her lips.

With a burning passion and absolute dominance, it ate away at her thoughts and sent her mind into chaos.

Closing her eyes, her long lashes trembled and she took in this extreme gentleness, as well as…..a bit of sadness.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know why he felt this way, but this feeling did exist.

Only Nan Yi Sheng knew that he had scruples.  What would happen if he let go of everything to love her?

He didn’t know……

He only knew that she couldn’t go back, she definitely couldn’t return to the Nan Chao Country.

There was a part of the story from four hundred years ago that wasn’t spread, it was that the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array was an evil array.

It was an evil array that needed the sacrifice of a saint every four hundred years, or the world would change.  The sky would turn dark, the sand would cover the Nan Chao Country, and everyone would die……

The saint’s existence was to prevent this disaster and it was too late to see the ending for some stories.

He knew her identity the day she came into his Starlight Hall as an assassin.  Mu Han Che’s secret guard and the saint of the witch race……

He knew everything, he even knew that her purpose in coming to the Nan Chao Country was to kill him.

But he still hoped that she wouldn’t have any other identities, just standing by his side as his only bride.

He could even spoil her with everything, he would feel that it was worth it as long as she was happy.

Even if there was always a thorn in his heart.  He didn’t dare love her because he couldn’t let her stay in the dangerous Nan Chao Country.

So he had to have a legitimate reason to bring her back.

King Nan Chao’s poison……was personally administered by him.

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