Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1859: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 40)

Golden Hall.

There were flames all around and the entire palace was warm.  One could smell the scent of ambergris as soon as they came in.

“Crown princess, please come this way.”

Luo Qing Chen gave a slight nod and walked into the hall.

Mu Han Che was leaning on a couch in a white robe, narrowing those eyes that were filled with indifference and coldness.

There was a girl in his arms.  She was wearing a translucent water blue dress with her feet showing and her hair flowing down, looking quite enchanting.

The previous host had a deep impression of this person.

So when Luo Qing Chen saw her for the first time, her heart couldn’t help trembling.

“Crown princess, we haven’t seen each other in a long time.”  Mu Han Che chugged the cup of wine in his hand, “Have you been well these days?”

His lips were curled into a faint smile, but it gave people that cold feeling.

Each word was as cold as thousand year old ice.

Luo Qing Chen thought about it and this should be the tone he used to speak to the previous host, his normal tone.

After considering it for three seconds, Luo Qing Chen decided to use her usual tone!

After all, the main character in this world was her and not the previous host!

She could take revenge for her and fulfill her wishes, but she couldn’t express her love for her.

“Un.”  She gave a slight nod with eyes that were as calm as water, not having a single ripple in them.

Mu Han Che narrowed his eyes and his right hand gripped hard, as a cracking sound came from them.

He was using another method to express his anger.  He thought that she understood, but she also didn’t……understand.

She should understand him, she should know when he was angry……

But now she was this indifferent, without any attachment in those clear as water eyes.

Could it be…..she really fell in love with that crown prince from the Nan Chao Country?

What a joke, this truly was a joke!

She had never gone against his orders since she came to the Mu Country at the age of nine.  No matter who she had to kill, she had never hesitated.

But this time, not only did she not kill Nan Yi Sheng, she really married him and became his crown princess.

It was like there was a stone on his heart, making him suffocate.

“I wonder if the crown princess has heard the Nan Chao Country’s story from four hundred years ago?  Me and my queen can’t understand it, so we hope that you can interpret it for us.”  As soon as his voice fell, his right hand raised Yu Jin Er’s chin, softly pressing his lips on her lips.  Only then did he raise his black eyes and look at Luo Qing Chen.

Yu Jin Er in his arms turned away with a shy look, digging into his embrace with flushed cheeks.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help thinking of when the previous host had seen Yu Jin Er, it really was a persistent and deep love.

But she wasn’t the previous host……

Her lips curled into a faint smile and there was no fluctuation on her face that was as white as snow.  She said with clear eyes and a smile, “I would be happy to.  I wonder which part King Mu doesn’t understand, I can explain it for you.”

There was a cold breeze that came in and there was a deathly silence in the air.

Mu Han Che’s dark eyes coldly looked at her and said without any warmth, “Do you know that the saint was sacrificed to the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array to placate the disaster of sand and wind?”

Her heart skipped a beat.

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