Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1881: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 62)

The dark sky suddenly began to light up gradually.

Nan Yi Sheng was surprised.  Seeing Luo Qing Chen whose clothes were in a mess, he knitted his brows.

As the red blood came down drop by drop, she looked at him while blinking before saying, “Are you Nan Yi Sheng?”

Because the system was too vague, she didn’t know if it was talking about her blood or Nan Yi Sheng’s blood.

Of course, in this uncertain situation, she would try her blood first.

Nan Yi Sheng slowly stood up and knitted his brows as he came towards her.

“This is bad……”  Luo Qing Chen muttered as she raised the dagger, planning to cut his arm.

But he directly took the dagger.  With his right hand, he picked up the coat to his wedding robe by the bed and put it over her.



With a ‘guang dang’ sound, he took her in her embrace and tightly held her, “Sorry, sorry.”

For Nan Yi Sheng, he had finally regained his memories at this moment.

Other than apologizing, he didn’t know what to say to her.  It was as if only saying sorry could he express the deep feelings in his heart.

“Really good, you actually broke my story.”  There was an ethereal voice that came from above them.

Luo Qing Chen was surprised before saying, “Xi……”

In an instant, Nan Yi Sheng let her go and brought her behind him, looking around with a vigilant look, “We came to find you, so how about you show up and not set up this kind of script?”

“Because I don’t believe that there is anyone in this world who can break these obstacles when they can’t love.”  Then there was a change around them and the room covered in red turned into a white field of snow.

Nan Yi Sheng knitted his brows, but then he revealed a faint smile, “Goddess Xi couldn’t make the world a bit warmer?  I’m afraid that my consort will catch a cold.”

Xi turned into human form among the snow, wearing a moon white robe.  She looked at them with clear and carefree eyes.

She didn’t seem like a demon, rather she was like a beautiful and refined goddess.

It was as if everything in this world was inferior to her.

“You really are affectionate.”  Xu Yi came forward and looked at them with a bit of affection on her fine face, “I like you very much.”

Her eyes had a trace of sadness as a heavy story was hidden in those clear eyes.

“I want to hear your version of the story from four hundred years ago.”  Luo Qing Chen turned to Xi as she asked this.

“I loved him, very, very much.”  Xi heard this and suddenly revealed a bright smile.

The white snow suddenly turned into raging flames.  In her wild laughter, there was that sadness.

“But he didn’t love me and used my ability to save Luo Yao.”  Xi angrily roared, “I didn’t want to save her, but I couldn’t reject him.”

“Save Luo Yao.”

“Because of a battle in the past, Luo Yao was seriously injured and I used my soul to save her, but that man…..he still let me down……”  Her voice was filled with sadness, like she was confiding in someone for the first time in four hundred years, being emotionally disturbed.

“But after four hundred years, what do you want now?”  The surrounding flames made it hard for her to breathe, so she could only get to the main topic.

“Only one of the two of you can leave.”  Xi looked up and said, “The other will stay with me forever.”

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