Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1888: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 69)

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath before walking in.

Pushing open the wooden door, there was a creak as the cold wind came in and she shivered.

The room was very dark, so Luo Qing Chen took a lantern from the door and walked in.

When she slowly lifted the lantern, her eyes turned red.

This Spiritual Flower Array was just like their nuptial chambers when they got married.

Every brick, every tile, every piece whether it was the placement of the orchids, the candlestick, or even the large bronze mirror.

It was all perfectly replicated……

Luo Qing Chen saw the scene in front of her and felt her heart skip a beat.  She wanted to cry, but she found that she couldn’t make a sound.

She always felt that she had been lonely those ten years, but she never knew how lonely and difficult those ten years had also been for Nan Yi Sheng.

Perhaps, she should have tried harder to escape and returned to his side sooner.

“Who let you come in?  You don’t want to live, right?”  There was an ice cold voice that came from behind her, not having a trace of warmth.

This voice was so familiar and exciting for Luo Qing Chen.

Her lashes trembled as she slowly turned around, with her back to the moon as she looked at him in a daze.

She looked at his forever peerless face, that was like the best jade carved by the heavens and those deep eyes like pools in the night, containing an incomparably powerful might.

This Nan Yi Sheng was very familiar to her, but also…..very unfamiliar.

She looked into his eyes and took a deep breath before pursing her lips.  She couldn’t speak and the tears fell down first.

Nan Yi Sheng who was holding his sword was stunned when he saw her.  His eyes blurred, but they quickly dimmed as he said again, “Didn’t you see the plaque at the door?  All who enter…..are dead.”

As soon as his voice fell, Nan Yi Sheng raised his sword and flew in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

His sword was very fast, it was no wonder he was the number one expert in the world.  There was no chance of her living from this strike at all.

But in reality, she could completely dodge it with her skills, only she didn’t…..

She closed her eyes.  When the sword came in front of her, there was a strand of hair that slowly fell.

Falling onto the snow, falling onto his heart.

He suddenly looked up at her with a faint sparkle in his deep eyes as he said, “Why didn’t you dodge?”

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the sword that was only a fraction away from her throat.  Her eyes trembled as a crystalline tear fell onto the sword.

She raised her right hand and tightly held the sword’s blade.

The red blood fell drop by drop and she pressed even harder, making more blood start to flow.

But her face was calm, she didn’t even knit her brows.  It was as if the one in pain wasn’t her and it wasn’t her blood flowing.

That calm and composed look was like the snow on the ground, it was just as cold.

Nan Yi Sheng’s right hand trembled and he released his sword as he roared with a bit of blame, “What are you doing?”

Why did his heart strangely fill with excitement when he saw this unfamiliar woman standing in front of him?

Why did his heart strangely hurt when he saw her hand bleed?

Why did her clear eyes seem so familiar to him……

There were many questions in his mind, but he couldn’t find an answer.


The sword fell to the ground and Luo Qing Chen moved with a speed that he had never seen before to arrive in front of him…..

Looking up and placing a kiss.

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