Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1890: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 71)

Probably even Xi never expected Luo Qing Chen to return to Nan Yi Sheng’s side this smoothly.  She always thought that it would be a palace drama with small twists and turns.

But he directly recognized her.

Whether it was based on his feeling or the writing, the winner of this bet was Luo Qing Chen.

Only the god of the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array pretended not to hear!

“You can’t talk?”  In the Starlight Palace, Nan Yi Sheng was helping her bandage her hand as he asked this.  There was a pained look in his deep eyes.

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug, before nodding while eating an orange.

“Was it done by Xi?”  Naan Yi Sheng didn’t forget to pat her head while bandaging her up.

Luo Qing Chen put a piece of the orange into her mouth before nodding again.

It had to be said, even after ten years, Nan Yi Sheng’s appearance didn’t change at all, but why did he feel like he became dumber!

Other than Xi, who else could do anything to her in this world?

“It doesn’t matter, it’s good that you’re back.”  Nan Yi Sheng raised his right hand to pinch her nose, “It’s not important if you can talk or not!”

Luo Qing Chen looked at him and seriously shook her head.  She took his hand and wrote four words: This is very important!

This treasure had such a beautiful voice, why should she be a mute!

Can she still act cute and cry!?

“What is this?”  Nan Yi Sheng looked at her puffed cheeks and couldn’t help revealing a pampering smile, “You’re still very cute.”

That night Luo Qing Chen didn’t go back to the side hall where Mu Jiao and the others were, she went right into the Starlight Hall.

For her, this was a place that she couldn’t be more familiar with.

It was because she didn’t come back that the girls couldn’t sit still since they thought that they had come up with the perfect trap.

“It’s already been an entire night, why isn’t that mute back yet?”

“She must have been caught and locked up by King Nan Chao.”

“Impossible.  If King Nan Chao wanted to deal with her, he wouldn’t have to do it secretly.”

“But we haven’t heard anything……Big sister Jiao Jiao, what do you think?”

“You, ah you, you are stupid.”  Mu Jiao crossed her hands and gave a cold snort, “What does it matter to us if she left by herself, what does it matter if she’s alive or not?  Could it be that you want to follow her?”

That person’s face turned pale and they quickly shook their head, “How could that be?  Big sister Jiao Jiao is right, did our Mu Country have that mute?  Definitely not!”

“I’ll send you to observe the situation over the next few days, report to me immediately if you hear anything.”



The next morning, Luo Qing Chen put on a tan dress.  This was her favourite dress when she was Nan Yi Sheng’s crown princess.

Standing at the door of the Starlight Hall, the sunlight poured down on her.  When she closed her eyes, she felt that the world was peaceful.

“Yi, aren’t you the woman from the Mu Country sent to uncle?”  Nian Qing looked at her and blinked in a daze, “Why are you here?  This isn’t a place that you can come to.”

In Nian Qing’s mind, of all the girls that day, the only one that she liked was this girl in front of her.

Therefore when they met again, she didn’t forget to give her this reminder.

“Shh.”  Luo Qing Chen made a small gesture and pointed at the garden not far away, using simple gestures to ask if she wanted to take a walk with her.

“You…..can’t speak?”

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