Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1891: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 72)

She nodded as her lips curled.

This child really was likable.  It wasn’t because of her status, but rather because her eyes…..were quite good!

Nian Qing was surprised.  She looked at the Starlight Hall before saying, “Alright!  It’s good to leave this place.”

The royal gardens that she hadn’t seen in ten years, it was still as beautiful as before.

Even in the cold winter, the plum flowers were blooming under the sun……

“Yo, I was wondering why the mute was gone, so you secretly ran off to the royal gardens!”  Mu Jiao slowly came forward with her peony fan, with a proud look that made people feel painful when looking at her.

“What does it matter if she came to the royal garden?”  Nian Qing gave a soft snort as her eyes filled with hostility.

“He, he.”  Mu Jiao gave a disdainful shrug, “I’ve never argued with a little girl before.”

Luo Qing Chen shook her head with a mocking look and took Nian Qing’s hand, preparing to leave.

Mu Jiao saw that Luo Qing Chen didn’t care about her at all and her face turned red with rage.  She shouted from behind her, “Your mother and father died because of you and your big sister was defiled, isn’t it all because of you, the mute who is an unlucky star?”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised and stopped moving.  She felt like a bystander as she listened to her talk about what happened to this body.

But she felt a bit uncomfortable.

She knitted her brows and was thinking of a way to take care of her, but Nian Qing beside her squatted down to make a snowball which she threw in her face.  She didn’t forget to say with a soft snort, “It really is what an ugly person would do!”

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes lit up and she gave a thumbs up to Nian Qing.

“Peng!”  The snowball hit her in the face and her face became even more fierce.

“You…..”  She knelt down to grab some snow and wanted to throw it in Nian Qing’s face, but then she turned and threw it at Luo Qing Chen.

After all, she was still thinking clearly in her anger.  The little princess in front of her named Nian Qing was someone she couldn’t offend.

But the mute was different!

Luo Qing Chen was about to raise her hand to block Mu Jiao’s snowball, but there was a familiar figure that appeared in front of her.

That man stood in front of her and blocked the cold snowball, with the aura of a ruler in his actions.

“King Nan Chao……”  Mu Jiao was surprised before happiness filled her eyes.  She bowed down and said in a coquettish voice, “Mu Jiao greets King Nan Chao.”

The other three women standing with Mu Jiao were stunned and it took them three seconds to come back to their senses before they bowed too.

Nan Yi Sheng slightly knitted his brows as a sharp look appeared in his eyes.

This group of people dared to bully her this blatantly in his royal palace, did they even want to stay?

“Who are you?”  He coldly said, “I’ll give you three seconds to state your identity.”

Nan Yi Sheng’s voice was bone chilling, without a single trace of warmth.

As long as he stood there, there would be a chill that kept coming from him.

“I……”  Mu Jiao couldn’t hear it and she said with a face that was red with shyness, “Jiao Jiao is a princess from the Mu Country, sent here to please King Nan Chao.”

Her voice was very high, it was completely different from when she talked to Luo Qing Chen.

Nian Qing rolled her eyes and pretended to vomit as she said, “Truly disgusting.”

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