Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1893: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (End)

No one in the Nan Chao Country knew why a mute from the Mu Country would be this important to King Nan Chao.  She didn’t say a single word and she became the person that was at the top of King Nan Chao’s heart.

Everyone thought that since King Nan Chao got one wife, he would quickly find another.

After all, the subjects of the Nan Chao Country knew the only girl that King Nan Chao loved was the witch race’s saint, Luo Qing Chen.

Now there was a woman from the Mu Country that was offered to him.  Although she was pretty, she was still a mute in the end.

But the bare facts slapped them in the face.  Even three years later, there was only this mute by Nan Yi Sheng’s side.

This girl named Mu Xue took Luo Qing Chen’s place in his heart, ruling the harem.

But perhaps King Nan Chao’s love was too much.  When that girl named Mu Xue suddenly became sick and it was very serious.

King Nan Chao looked for all the doctors in the world to save her, but they couldn’t cure her in the end.  He could only watch as her life left her bit by bit.

On her sick bed, she pursed her lips and weakly opened her eyes.

Although her face was pale, her eyes were still clear.

“Don’t talk……”  Nan Yi Sheng sat by her bed, tightly holding her hand as he said in a choked up voice, “I know what you want to say.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at his face.  That peerless face had wrinkles to it now and there were also a few strands of white hair.

She suddenly felt a bit pained……

He had aged in a single night and he aged quite fast.

She gave him a slow now and used all her strength to hold his thumb with her right hand, as a crystalline tear came out of her eye.

Her life had drastically changed during these three years.

She couldn’t speak, not a single word.  No matter what she wanted to do or eat, it only took a single glance for Nan Yi Sheng to know.

He was like her voice, guessing everything that she couldn’t say.

So in the past three years, she didn’t feel that not being able to speak was torture.  Rather she had a special tacit understanding with Nan Yi Sheng.

But at this moment, when she closed her eyes, she couldn’t say what was at the bottom of her heart.

But he still said…..that he knew…..

“I will be good, don’t worry about me……”  He gently wiped the tear from her eye and placed a soft kiss on her forehead before whispering in her ear, “I will wait for you…..Whether it is this life or the next life, I know that you will come to find me……”

These were the last words she heard before losing consciousness.

Nan Yi Sheng really could understand her.  What she wanted to say…..was this.

Please wait for her……Whether it was this life or the next…..please wait for her……



The next winter, when the first snow fell, there was a blinding golden glow that came from the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array.

The golden light was covered in moonlight and everyone thought that it was a god that was descending.

A girl in a moon white robe came out of the array, with a peerless appearance and clear eyes.

She took the lantern in front of the Spiritual Flower House and walked in.

There was a man in cotton clothing who was watering the flower on the windowsill, with a faint orchid fragrance in the air.

“Nan Yi Sheng.”  She softly called out to him as her lips curled into a faint smile.

She could feel his back stiffen and the water can in his hand fell to the ground.

Perhaps this was his and her best ending.

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