Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1895: Side story: Daring to be arrogant, only daring with you (Part 2)

When I called her miss assassin, I could see the glint in her eyes that looked so good.

Perhaps she thought that we only had a one sided fate, but I already made a decision.

My crown princess……was her.

Probably no one would have thought that I wouldn’t want all the girls prepared, that I would choose a made.

When I went to the Golden Palace, when royal father asked me for a reason, I just said a few words: She is the witch race’s saint.

I saw my royal father go from knitted brows to curling his lips, but my heart sunk when I saw it.

In my royal father’s eyes, the witch race’s saint was the sacrifice item to save the Nan Chao Country, this was what the entire witch race had already accepted.

After all, a person dying to save millions of citizens.  The witch race’s patriarch cared about saving the world, so he would feel that this sacrifice was worth it.

But……I wasn’t willing to let her die.

But……I also wanted to marry her.

After considering it for a night, I decided not to consider the results and just seize the day.

At least I would be able to spend some happy times with her and bury it in my heart, accepting the trial of the Nan Chao Country’s citizens.

At that time, she might have been sent back to the Mu Country by me.

Because I had investigated it and knew that she was Mu Han Che’s secret guard.  She lived and died for him and had been seriously injured for him.

When I learned this, there was a strange discomfort in my heart.

It wasn’t because of jealousy, but because she suffered during all that time and I couldn’t protect her.

I felt that her life should be very happy, there should be someone to be with her and give her everything.

I wanted to be that person, becoming the person she could rely on, becoming her hero.

The day of the wedding, she bowed and received the blessing of everyone.  At that moment, I was more excited and happy than her.

Without knowing why, when she was that dazzling, I felt proud.

If someone asked me when I was happiest in life, it should be when she became my crown princess and stood by my side.

I felt that during those days, whether it was the Nan Chao Country or the witch race, they weren’t important in my heart.

How I wished that the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array’s curse would never come and I could forever stay by her side, watching the scenery of the Nan Chao Country.

But I knew that those days would come.

I never thought that one day I would be the one to poison my royal father, but I did do it.

I did it so decisively because he told me……the sacrifice ceremony of the saint to the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array would come soon.

I was stunned.   Why was my happy time so short?  Why couldn’t I leave behind a few more memories?

Leaving the Nan Chao Country in a hurry, I brought everything she would need.  It was because I knew that she could no longer come back and I wouldn’t let her come back.

Although I was very reluctant to send her to the Mu Country, I knew that she would be safest in the Mu Country.

Because Mu Han Che had sent her to kill me, so it should be because he wanted to protect her.

And she hadn’t done anything……

It was because of this that I felt guilty towards her because I knew that she really loved me……

And I……couldn’t openly love her.

I must be prepared for when she leaves me and I had to be prepared to confess everything to her at that time.

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