Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1897: Side story: Daring to be arrogant, only daring with you (Part 4)

Ten years of separation, always missing, hard to forget.

It was ten years later when I saw her again.  I felt that time passed very slowly and each day without her flowed like years.

The Spiritual Flower House was my only solace.  I built it by the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array, as if she was living by my heart.

When I came to this building, I would feel a special peace of mind.

I felt that she was here by my side, by my side, by my side……

There were many girls that went through my life, but everyone knew there was only one room in my heart.

That room was very small, it could only fit Luo Qing Chen alone.

There would be many girls brought into the harem each year and every year the other countries would offer nation collapsing beauties.

But I didn’t meet a single one of them!

Nian Qing kept asking me, “Uncle, why don’t you like them?  I think that there are many good ones among them!”

I accidentally said this to her once, “Do you know why I take special care of you?”

She blinked in a daze and shook her head.

I said, “It’s because of your name.”

After that, Nian An never asked this kind of question again.

Since then, she would always be against the girls that were offered to me.

I didn’t care about her actions because this was what I wanted.

Until…..that pitch black night, under the faint moonlight, I saw her again.

It was a completely unfamiliar back, but I could feel my heart tremble even though I’ve never seen this girl in front of me before.

She was holding a lantern with a calm look in her eyes, neither bowing or saying a thing when she saw me.

I was strangely nervous, so nervous that I stabbed at her with my sword.

Actually, whether she dodged or not, I didn’t use my full strength and planned to stop.

But without knowing why, when I stabbed my sword at her, my heart kept beating fast.

She slowly opened her eyes and blinked before grabbing my sword, letting her red blood flow.

My mind went blank and before I could react, she kissed me……

At that moment, I knew who she was……

Ten years, she was finally back……

Really great!

Later we spent three happy years together.  She couldn’t speak, but as long as she looked at me, I could tell what she wanted to say and what she wanted to do.

Even when she was taking her last breath on her sick bed, I could still understand her…..

She wanted me to wait for me…..

I found that she was a bit silly, how could I ever not wait for her!

Even if she didn’t say it, this life and the next life, I would wait for her.

Always waiting, never stopping unless I was dead.

Later I gave up the throne and stayed in the Spiritual Flower House all day, endlessly waiting.

When we met again, spring was starting to bloom.  She didn’t change from the day she entered the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array.

And I…..had become old.

When the flower petals fell, I turned around and wildly charged forward to tightly hold her.

I was thankful to the heavens for bringing her back to my side, lighting the candle of my life again.

Ten years flowing, youth was hard to take back.

Ten years of brilliance, it was hard to take.

Looking back from the cliff, this side was so bleak.

He and her had finally met again.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 31/100]

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