Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1898: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 1)

When she opened her eyes, she was in a familiar place again.

Although the light around her was dimmed, she felt strangely assured.

Because in Luo Qing Chen’s world, this was her home.

[The following is a summary of the previous mission.  Host, please properly look over it.]

Name: Luo Qing Chen

World: «Killer wife of King Nan Chao»

Mission completion rate: 100%

Experience: 5000/10000  (Since the host used the special powers in front of everyone, not only do you not obtain experience points, 1500 was deducted from the amount you already earned.)


Luo Qing Chen was too lazy to refute since she did use the space and time freeze in front of everyone that day.

If it wasn’t for her high skill level, it might not just be as simple as deducting experience points.

The bronze mirror still changed even with her hesitation.

There are currently five items in the spatial storage (4/5): [Exquisite Ring], [Nine Section Moon Whip], [Phoenix Dance Sword], [Universal Medicine Box].

Permanent abilities: Space and time freeze level 4

Permanent abilities: Teleportation level 2 (Upgraded)

Exchange points: 9000 (3000 exchange points deducted)

Base points: 40

[The host’s thirty second mission panel is below.]

Appearance: 98/100

Strength: 90/100

Intelligence: 95/100

Figure: 95/100

After that, the image in the bronze mirror changed.

[Mission Grade: A]

[Experience gained: 500.]

Female lead: Luo Qing Chen

Male lead: He Jin Nian

Supporting female lead: Fang Xiao Jing

Supporting male lead: Xu Ze Yan

Mission content: [Return to three years before the female lead died and obtain the love of the male lead.]

[Currently importing memories, please accept them, host!]

Regarding the previous host’s story, Luo Qing Chen only had two words: Well deserved!

The previous host and He Jin Nian had known each other since middle school.  The previous host was very proud and loved to feel like she was above everyone.

But every time she shined, there was a He Jin Nian in front of her.

She was the school flower and he was the school hunk.

She was the vice class representative, he was the class representative.

She was the student president, he was the student chairman.

She was the tenant and he…..was mister landlord?

In the heart of the previous host, He Jin Nian was a stumbling block on her path to glory.

In the ten years she knew He Jin Nian, what she hated the most was when she handed a love letter to the other school hunk Xu Ze Yan, He Jin Nian didn’t react at all.

He never would have known that the previous host did this just to see his reaction.

Only, there wasn’t a single ripple on that face that was so beautiful that it glowed.

It also meant that He Jin Nian disappeared from the previous host’s life, he could only play the role of a ‘friend’.

When the previous host was in her most difficult time, he would help her.

When the previous host failed an exam, he would hand a tissue to her.

When the previous host’s love failed, he would drink with her.

He just stood on the line of black and white and never crossed over, being above a friend and never a lover.

In the springtime of youth, it was very easy to fall in love with someone and very easy to give up on someone.

The previous host’s proud personality made it impossible for her to be hung out to dry, so it kept going until Xu Ze Yan accepted her confession.

But for Xu Ze Yan who was a playboy, the previous host was only a single flower among a field of flowers.

After cheating, the previous host was angered to death.  She went to Xu Ze Yan to discuss this and abused the supporting female lead Fang Xiao Jing in front of everyone.

This hatred followed her for a long time, so when she heard that Xu Ze Yan was about to get married, she wanted to make a big mess at the wedding.

But on the way, she died in a car accident.

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