In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 19 - Good Night

After finishing dinner, each of them laid out their futon and prepared to sleep.

Instead of a partition between the girls and boys, they lined up desks and covered them with blankets.

And the two people in the middle of the conference room linked their arms with each other.

Their expressions were serious.

Just like the spirit of going off to fight was hanging in the air.

“Miu and Yuuki are slender. Sakura is the balanced type. Hazuki and Sayo are voluptuous. All of them are good.”


“The girls probably went to the office kitchenette to change clothes. Changing their clothes in a room with guys without a partitioner is unlikely, and Tooru was using the opposite room for broadcast to keep watch after all.”

“Then, let’s go?”

“That’s right. If we don’t hurry, the showtime will be over.”

The two stood up and left the conference room.

Wishing for the paradise…

“Uh, changing clothes meant this…?”

The girls started changing clothes in the room.

Though, since it was probably for preparation for a disaster, there were a lot of clothes, but there was no women’s underwear, only men’s underwear, and shirts.

“Even if you call it changing clothes… I can’t even take a bath like this.”

Hazumi grumbled.

Not being able to take a bath was a matter of life or death to the girls, and they made expressions more dreadful than when they were attacked by the zombies.

They wanted to hurry and change as soon as possible.


Sakura let out a voice that was neither of admiration nor resignation.

“Hmm? What is it?”

Sayo asked.

Sayo noticed that Sakura was comparing her chest to her own.

“Oh, this, huh.”

“Aww. I am jealous.”

Sakura putting on a vexed face looked funny and Sayo laughed a little.

As they did this, it was like they didn’t have a single thought about the zombies could come breaking in.

“I’m jealous of Hazuki too…”

“But, I think Sakura’s balance is good too… When it’s like this, the guys’ stares are awful.”

“Hmm. But, I feel like the guys surviving will look at you with those kinds of eyes too?”

“Well, not the people now. Well, senior Kazuma is an exception though.”

“That person gives off the feeling of a disappointing handsome guy, right?”

And then, Miu and Yuuki watching the talk grew more excited.



The two met each other’s eyes without a word, and firmly grasped each other’s hands.

There was no doubt that a strong bond was born here.

“Listen, Daiki.”


“We’ll go throughthis air vent, but…”

“Can you go through air vents?”

“Yeah, this school’s air vents are pretty wide. The ceiling of the kitchenette is low, so there’s probably space enough to crouch.”

-After saying that, they put desks together and opened the lid of the air vent.

Shoving his face into the air vent, he saw two lights to the right and left.

Since the right way was the broadcasting room, he headed for the left.

After giving Daiki a sign with his hand, he swiftly went inside the air vent.

Going forward in a crawling posture, he could soon hear voices.

Girls’ voices.

He quickly turned around in the air vent and met Daiki’s face.

As expected, there was an opening enough to squat in.

“Alright, let’s peep.”


After whispering to each other, they peered into the room.

In that moment.

The lid of the air vent opened with a clink.


Daiki and Kazuma let out idiotic voices, and rugged hands grabbed the two’s faces and pulled them into the room.


They crashed onto the floor.


Rasing their faces, they saw Takumi standing there.


To be precise, it wasn’t Takumi who was standing there.

His imposing and proud appearance gave off an aura that could crush everything before his eyes, looking like an Asura1

“You guys… Peeping is a good hobby, huh.”


Daiki was unable to stand up due to fear.

“W-why? Voices were definitely coming from here… Why do you know we’re peeping in the first place…”

A black object fell to the floor with a thud.

It was Kazuma’s phone.

“You made a call from my phone…”

“We’ve known each other for a long time. I know your thought from the back of my hand. Do you want to leave any last words…”


Most likely, even if there was an emotionless zombie standing there, it would have shaken from fear and given up on life.

However, Kazuma was also a man.

He didn’t intend on changing his belief.

It was, so to speak, a clash of unyielding thoughts between two men.

For example, even if his body was turned into ashes and sent back home, he had to say this.

“I only… purely… wanted to see naked girls…!”

He had never expected him to choose this method,

Tooru thought.

Actually, the broadcasting room wasn’t exactly a single room.

There was a room for equipment for broadcasting, and a studio used for broadcasting a radio during school festivals and such.

Tooru was in the room with the broadcasting equipment, and the girls were in the studio.

The studio was soundproof, so after they closed the curtains, there was no way to peep in.

“I wanted to see naked girls…!”

He was able to hear the desperate shout of a boy putting his life on the line to peep, and Tooru raised the volume of the music.

“...Good night.”

  1. Fighting god, anti-god.

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