Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1906: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 9)

On the way to the villa for the party, He Jin Nian was carrying two large bags and didn’t forget to bring the half cup of hot chocolate that Luo Qing Chen had been drinking.

At the bus station, he stood by her and his eyes kept looking at her from time to time.

That scorching sun on that white face and that faint blush looked very good.

He never had thought that she was dazzling, but today…..

They took ten stops and arrived at where their classmates were gathering.

It had to be said, it had been a long time since she had taken the bus.  When He Jin Nian sat beside her, she felt that he was always the center of attention.

He really was that kind of dazzling no matter where he went.

“Yo!  The class president and vice president are here.”  Xiao Pang came over and teased them with a smile, “And they’re in a matching couple’s outfit!”

Seeing her smirk, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward.

The class reunion in Luo Qing Chen’s mind was just showing off, but their class reunion was more like a place for them to reminisce about when they were in school…..

Classmate Xiao Pang, He Jin Nian, and Luo Qing Chen…..had a pretty interesting conversation!

“Xiao Qing, do you want cola or orange juice?”

“She drinks coke.”


“Xiao Qing, do you want kebabs or chicken wings?”

“She’ll have the chicken wings.”


“Xiao Qing, do you want fish balls or fish paste balls?”

“She doesn’t like eating fish balls.”


He Jin Nian had a calm look as if he was answering normal questions, but in the eyes of the other classmates, they didn’t think so.

Xiao Pang looked at He Jin Nian with a bad smile and teased, “It can’t be that you’re dating, right!  I’ve been asking about you since we graduated, are you finally together?”

When Xiao Pang asked this, He Jin Nian was silent.

Three seconds later, he slowly turned and gave Luo Qing Chen two kebabs, “She has a boyfriend.”

Luo Qing Chen felt her body tremble and there was an indescribable feeling of suffocation.

She slowly looked up at He Jin Nian’s eyes.  His beautiful eyes had a sparkle in them and his lips were curved without a single bit of awkwardness.  He even……gave people a feeling that he didn’t care.

So angry……

She had never experienced this feeling even after all those words.

But this time she really was angry with He Jin Nian!

She looked up and took the chicken wings from his hand, “He’s very right!”

“Is that true?  You really ended this journey of falling in love?”  Xiao Pang pulled the former study committee member Chun Tian over and said, “Aren’t you at A University as well?  Come, come, come, tell me the situation.”

Since Chun Tian was in the literary department, he didn’t know much about them.

But Xu Ze Yan and Luo Qing Chen were famous in A University since the appearance of a handsome couple was always paid attention to.

Chun Tian pushed up his glasses and said, “Yes!  It’s also A University’s school hunk!”

“Damn!  School hunk?”  Xiao Pang angrily replied, “Isn’t our class president handsome?  It can’t be that the school hunk is more handsome than our class president right?”

“Our class president is also the school hunk!”  Chun Tian gave a shrug, “Don’t you understand something after all these years?  Even if the class president and vice president aren’t together now, it’s not impossible in the future.”


“Because the journey of falling in love never ends.”

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