Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1907: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 10)

Luo Qing Chen carefully listened to Xiao Pang and Chun Tian falling deeper into their script.  When she looked over, she saw that He Jin Nian was no longer by her side.

Could it be that he was angry because of what she said?

Looking around, she saw him currently talking with Chen Ying Ying who had been rumoured to be dating him before.

Chen Ying Ying was his only rumoured girlfriend in the three years of high school because the whole school had seen He Jin Nian carry Chen Ying Ying into the school on his back.

The reason was that Meng Ying Ying had broken her leg……

She clearly remembered that this Chen Ying Ying had been rejected when she gave He Jin Nian a love letter, but she broke her leg not long after and He Jin Nian didn’t care about others as he took care of her.

He had even left Luo Qing Chen alone even after they planned to go to the library together.

The previous host naturally felt uncomfortable then.

But with her naturally proud personality, she acted like it didn’t bother her and fanned the flames with other boys in class.

Until that time when He Jin Nian found out that she went to an internet cafe with other boys, only then did she become more restrained.

He Jin Nian had only said one thing then.

“With your state of mind, we might not even be on the same page for the next midterm exam.”

What kind of personality did the previous host have?  She had felt ashamed at that time.

She studied all night after getting home and although there was a three point difference, at least their names were on the same page.

But it was under his name.

From that day forth, He Jin Nian no longer accompanied Chen Ying Ying.  Perhaps it was because her leg was better or perhaps it was for another reason.

In short, the library appointment between He Jin Nian and Luo Qing Chen came again.

The memory was very far away, but now that she saw He Jin Nian and Chen Ying Ying laughing, she still felt a bit unhappy.

At the same time, Chen Ying Ying was the first to greet He Jin Nian, “Mister school hunk has gone to A University, do you have many fans?”

She liked him like this because he was so dazzling.  It was like a beam of light being shined into her life and she wanted to get it no matter how hard it was.

It was a pity that she would always only be a normal classmate in He Jin Nian’s mind.

Perhaps…..she couldn’t even be a friend.

“It’s alright.”  He looked up, feeling a bit upset.

Actually he knew why he was upset, but he couldn’t admit it.

“Are you and the vice class president still in the same class?”  She pursed her lips and revealed a helpless smile, “Does she know that you changed the school you were going to because of her?”

If it wasn’t for Luo Qing Chen, perhaps the one that was at the same school as He Jin Nian would be her.

But at the last moment, He Jin Nian had changed his form.

“I just felt that the computer science course at A City is more famous.”  He picked up a bottle of coke and took a sip.  The carbonation of the drink instantly stimulated his mind.

He didn’t know why that girl liked to drink this stuff.  She said that the moment she drank it, it was like having all her cells stimulated.

But for him, there was only a touch of bitterness.

“Ha, ha, ha……”  Chen Ying Ying gave an awkward laugh, “Class president, ah class president, you can lie to her, you can lie to yourself, you can lie to everyone, you can’t lie to me.”

She didn’t accidentally break her leg, she had accidentally gotten hit by a motorcycle while chasing He Jin Nian.

Luo Qing Chen still didn’t know a thing to this day……

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