Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1910: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 13)

He Jin Nian looked at her, with his eyes narrowed with a bit of questioning.  She didn’t hesitate as she looked back and when their eyes met, there was a strange tremor in her heart.

She had a bad premonition and facts proved that her sixth sense was right.

The following dice game, whether it was Xiao Pang, Zhong Yin, or He Jin Nian, whenever she said a number, they would follow without another word.

It was like the three of them had realized something and had a tacit understanding!

She could only drink coke and not alcohol!?

But He Jin Nian never would have thought that Luo Qing Chen’s tolerance was even greater than he thought.

She was very awake as she looked at him with those clear as water eyes, making him unwilling to look away.

But he kept falling into this KTV room filled with smoke and the scent of alcohol……

Xiao Pang was the first one out and she leaned her head beside a beer bottle as she kept muttering, “I can still drink, I can still drink……”

Zong Yin was a bit better until he went to the toilet to vomit and waved his hands to show that he was out.

Chun Tian didn’t know how to drink either.  Although few people pushed him, after a few times, his face was red as an apple.

“Vice class president, I can’t anymore!”  Chun Tian had a hand on her shoulder as he said with glazed eyes, “If I keep drinking, I’ll really……Ugh……”

Before he could finish, he covered his mouth and quickly headed off in the direction of the toilet.

Looking over, there were only three people left at the table.

Luo Qing Chen, He Jin Nian, and Chen Ying Ying……

It had to be said, Chen Ying Ying was still able to drink.  Although the three men didn’t force her, that didn’t stop her from targeting Chen Ying Ying.

Without knowing why, she was just not pleasing to the eyes.

After all, she was the only scandal that He Jin Nian had in high school.

“How about it, should we keep going?”  Luo Qing Chen shook the glass in her hand and her lips curled into a smile.  She looked right at Chen Ying Ying with absolute provocation in her eyes.

Chen Ying Ying could naturally feel the hostility from Luo Qing Chen.  Although her head was already dizzy, she had to hold on.

All these years, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t enter He Jin Nian’s heart.

She didn’t know what was in his heart, whether it was Luo Qing Chen or……

But even if he didn’t love anyone, she wanted to stay by his side and become the closest person to him.

Right, she wanted to take Luo Qing Chen’s place.  At least before He Jin Nian had a girlfriend, she wanted to be the first one he thought of no matter what he did.

“Of course!”  She said with a smile, “After not seeing each other for so long, we won’t go home unless we’re drunk!”

Luo Qing Chen looked at her and then nodded before turning to look at He Jin Nian.

He rolled the dice in his hand with a calm look, but there was a strange look of determination in his eyes.

“Un, let’s continue.”


The remaining three all seemed unwilling to admit defeat.  Whenever Luo Qing Chen called three sixes or four fives, he would roll them without hesitation.

It was fine if he drank, he just seemed like he wanted to get her drunk!

Luo Qing Chen didn’t hesitate to attack Chen Ying Ying no matter what points she got.

Actually, she was strangely angry deep down, an anger that had a bit of a grievance.

In her eyes, He Jin Nian was helping Chen Ying Ying get her drunk.

But whether it was the previous host or her, she was a proud person……

There was only ‘death in battle’, there was no ‘surrender’.

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