Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1913: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 16)

It belonged to that youth, with his unique scent and warmth.

“He Jin Nian?”  Actually she knew in her heart that there was no one else here except her and him.

But to her, He Jin Nian was someone who would bury all his feelings in his heart.

No matter how passionate the feelings in his heart, he wouldn’t show them.

But at this moment, he actually…..hugged her!

“I miss you……”  His tone was very soft and wasn’t as indifferent, as if there was a bit of gentleness and pampering in that proud voice.

Luo Qing Chen felt herself give a tremble and wanted to turn around, but she found that he was tightly holding her.

His arm came closer and closer as he softly said by her ear, “Did you see your heart?”

As soon as his voice fell, Luo Qing Chen felt this youth fall onto her again……

In an instant, she turned around and wanted to hug him, but her right hand was suddenly pulled in by He Jin Nian and pressed against him, they fell down.

“It hurts a bit……”  He softly said.  He slightly knitted his beautiful eyes as his hands around her waist became more forceful.

“Are you……are you alright!”  Luo Qing Chen felt that the position she had with He Jin Nian was a bit ambiguous, just like eternal classic part in the dramas.

The male and female lead bumped into each other in the street and then it was the female on top while the male was on the bottom.

Every time that she saw this in a drama, she always muttered to herself, “This treasure has lived for several hundred years and I’ve never seen people bump into each other like this!”

But right now she had slapped her own face.

But even if she did, He Jin Nian still pulled her into his embrace.

“My family’s Qing!”  He had his hands around her waist and had a dazzling smile as he said, “When are you going to break up with Xu Ze Yan?”

“I…..”  She was a bit speechless, thinking if this question wasn’t a bit too direct!

Then she touched her ears out of habit and said with an awkward look, “He and I are…..”

Before she could finish, He Jin Nian first said, “If you and him break up, how about we get together?”

His voice was very gentle, he had a big smile on his lips, and his eyes were sparkling, looking very good.

When He Jin Nian said this, Luo Qing Chen felt her heart running like a little deer.

Could this be the legendary drunk confession?  Weren’t they progressing a bit too fast!

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 40%.]

This sudden prompt from the system made her even more stunned.

She didn’t know whether to agree or not.  Was He Jin Nian’s question drunken rambling or drunken truth!

Aiya, she was a bit nervous and a bit conflicted.

After a while, when she was still thinking about how to answer He Jin Nian, He Jin Nian said something that made her ‘shy’ appearance turn stiff.

“Our family’s Ying!  Why do you think that some people have no intersection after going around in circles?  Are we too close or too far?”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t listen to anything He Jin Nian said after this!

The only thing she heard was the first three words——

Our!  Family’s!  Ying!

It should be Chen Ying Ying!  If there was a table in front of her, she would have flipped it without another word!

Angry, angry, angry!  So angry!

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