Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1914: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 17)

Luo Qing Chen stiffened for a few seconds before slowly getting off him.  He Jin Nian didn’t say anything as he had fallen asleep.

Although it was summer, it wasn’t good to leave him asleep on the floor overnight.

But her anger hadn’t faded……

After thinking about it for five minutes, Luo Qing Chen still moved him from the floor to the sofa and covered him with a blanket before heading back upstairs.

He Jin Nina’s lashes trembled on the sofa as his lips curled into a faint smile.

That night she couldn’t sleep well.

She was nervous, expectant, and a bit angry……

So when she got up the next day, Luo Qing Chen looked at her own face that had black circles and looked hungover.

When she came out of her room, she smelled something fragrant.  There was the fresh baked smell of bread mixed with cheese and chocolate.

She felt her own stomach growling in an instant.

Going down the stairs at five meters per second, she saw He Jin Nian seriously sitting there eating breakfast.

He heard this sound and looked up with his beautiful eyes.  There were scattered beams of sunlight that fell on his beautiful face, making her suddenly feel stunned.

“Wash your hands and have some breakfast.”  He had a calm look as if nothing had happened last night.

The only difference was that his nose was a bit stuffed.  Could it be that he caught a cold?

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat, “This kitchen isn’t mine……”

“Un.”  He softly replied, “So you’re not eating?”

“Of course not!”  Her eyes flickered, “I’ll go brush my teeth and wash my face.  Remember to add……”

“Honey to the milk.”  Before she finished, He Jin Nian said what she wanted to say.

After being friend for so many years, the things that she liked, the things that she hated, all her good habits, and all her bad habits, he knew them all!

He couldn’t help thinking that was it because they were too familiar with each other that some things were forever impossible?


Sunday mornings made people feel relaxed.  Sitting at the table, she didn’t forget to tease He Jin Nian, “He Jin Nian, I feel that I should charge you a fee to be quiet.”

There were some things that would feel uncomfortable if they were held in, so it was better to say them.  After all, he had lost his memories after drinking, but she hadn’t.

The anger hadn’t disappeared, so she wouldn’t feel comfortable if she didn’t tease him!

“What?”  He helped her spread cheese on his bread with a calm look in his eyes that didn’t have a single ripple.

“There was someone who was drunk last night that said…..a bit of truth!”  Luo Qing Chen took the bread and took a strong bite as she looked at He Jin Nian.

She wanted to see if his expression would change because of her words, but there wasn’t a single change with his expression.  When he looked at her, he revealed a smile, “I want to know, what did I say after getting drunk?”

She remembered his gentle voice from last night, speaking to her……

“My family’s Qing, when will you break up with Xu Ze Yan?”

It was very ambiguous between the lines that made people blush when they thought about it.

“You mentioned your scandal from high school!”

“Oh!  You!”  His star like eyes looked up with a bit of a sparkle in them as he looked at her, “Isn’t my longest scandal with you?”

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