Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1916: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 19)

At the same time, at the cafe by the school gate.

Feng Xiao Jing was a bit nervous as she watched how it developed.  After all, there were many people who had come forward to say that Xu Ze Yan was with another girl.

She didn’t want to take the blame for no reason and become the target of the public.

“Don’t be worried!  My article is so moving that everyone will definitely support us!”  Xu Ze Yan went back to his post again with a satisfied smile on his face.

“What do you mean by support us?”  Fang Xiao Jing pursed her lips, “I haven’t agreed yet!”

After entering A University, she had been enamoured by He Jin Nian as soon as she saw him.

Even if the other side was very cold when she tried to talk to him, that didn’t stop her from admiring and liking him.

That was how people were, the more they couldn’t get something, the more they wanted it.

She even sometimes wondered if He Jin Nian was waiting for her to speak up first.  After all, when she accidentally met his gaze, she would have a feeling that he was staring intently at her.

In her eyes, Xu Ze Yan being nice to her might make He Jin Nian notice her more.

“Aiyo, just agree already!  The two of us are such a good pair, a perfect couple!”  Xu Ze Yan flipped his hair, “Not to mention that I have many fans in school, so you should be proud of that.”

Fang Xiao Jin looked at him.  His words were flat, but he didn’t look bad.

If she couldn’t get He Jin Nian, it was good to have a spare tire.

“Got it!”  She proudly looked up and said, “But you have to remember my story!  You have been hurt in love and I unintentionally comforted you, which made you fall in love with me!”

“No problem, no problem!”


On the other side, Luo Qing Chen hurried home at noon.  She didn’t even eat as she quickly opened her laptop and hacked into Xu Ze Yan’s computer.

It had to be said, learning computers really was a good thing, there was no need to hesitate when hacking people!

Since the previous host was a ‘real’ couple with Xu Ze Yan before, it was even easier to hack his computer.

She didn’t know without hacking, but she knew once she did.  When the previous host was with Xu Ze Yan, he already had his foot in many other boats.

Moreover, he had a very ‘perverted’ habit.  He liked to make a folder for each girl he hooked up with and he didn’t name them with their names, but rather their appearance.

For example: Luo Qing Chen 95 points.

“Shameless.”  Luo Qing Chen muttered as she completely deleted the folder with her name on it!

The other people’s folders had mosaics placed on them and only Fang Xiao Jing’s folder didn’t get a mosaic!

Although she and Fang Xiao Jing hadn’t clashed in this world, in the previous host’s world, this girl wasn’t a good thing.

In her eyes, cutting down her love rival was a natural thing to do!

Moreover, she still liked to act like a queen.  It’s others who love me, I’m just the one receiving love!

She hated this kind of girl the most!

After taking care of the chat transcripts and photos that came from hacking Xu Ze Yan’s computer, Luo Qing Chen opened the school board again.

But she found that the original post about her had already disappeared and it was replaced with another post that quickly became popular that read “Learn the truth: Please click!”.

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