Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1933: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 36)

After the exam in the morning, they announced the results in the afternoon.

English was the first one to be announced.  Although it was only a simple piece of A4 paper, the entire class A was in an uproar because of it.

Because He Jin Nian was actually tenth place with sixty points.

And Luo Qing Chen was first with a full one hundred and fifty points.

She wasn’t surprised that she had gotten full marks, but He Jin Nian only getting sixty points was very shocking to her.

English was the best subject to get full marks other than math and even if He Jin Nian made a few mistakes, he wouldn’t be missing this many marks.

“Classmate He, the English teacher wants you to go to the office.”  The study committee member came in and pushed up her glasses as a blush came over her face.

He Jin Nian had always been the top student in the class, so it was impossible to call him to the office.

Today was her first chance as the study committee member to “speak up” to him in a long time.

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows and followed He Jin Nian to the office.

When He Jin Nian came in, there was a sigh from the English teacher as he placed He Jin Nian’s test paper in front of him, “Jin Nian!  Teacher won’t talk about your grades first, but has there been something bothering you lately?”

“No, teacher.”  He Jin Nian’s face was calm without a single ripple.

It was as if it didn’t matter that he only got sixty points on the test, he wasn’t surprised that he had gotten this score at all!

“Then can you tell me why you made a mistake on all the listening comprehension questions?  Why were all your reading comprehension questions all correct?”  The English teacher took a deep breath and said, “You just randomly filled it out, right?”

“Teacher, I didn’t randomly fill it out!”  He Jin Nian immediately replied.

The English teacher heard this and her face turned red as she covered her heart to say, “You, you, you……Do you want to anger me to death!”

Luo Qing Chen standing outside saw that it was bad and quickly had the teacher sit down.  She patted his back as she knitted her brows to look at He in Nian, “Quickly pour some water, teacher has a bad heart.”

“Alright.”  He Jin Nian was surprised before quickly pouring a cup of water as Luo Qing Chen had instructed.

The previous host had played a role in the English teacher’s heart attack before.  The previous host had bumped into the teacher outside of school and had sent him to the hospital.

Taking advantage of He Jin Nian pouring the water, Luo Qing Chen looked at He Jin Nian’s test on the table.

Because their school had a branch set up in America, it could be considered a multinational school.  There were hundreds of exchange students each year, so english listening comprehension was very important and most of the marks from the test came from the listening comprehension.

This was where A University was different from other schools.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and seriously looked at He Jin Nian’s test.  There were only a few answers on the listening comprehension portion and some parts weren’t even filled out.  It looked like the test that one of the students with poor grades handed in.

It had to be said, his writing was still very neat even if it was scattered.

No, no, no, Luo Qing Chen shook her head before thinking: He Jin Nian is such an intelligent person, he wouldn’t do something this meaningless.

If it was just to lose to her, he wouldn’t have lost most of his marks.

There must be some other meaning to this……

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