Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1939: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 42)

There were some people who appeared for no other reason than to let you know that there wouldn’t be a person that would understand you like him in the future.

When you needed him the most, he would go against the whole world to stand with you.  When you didn’t need him, he stood in a place that you couldn’t see to silently protect you.

Actually, she wanted to go abroad to look for him, looking in each city.  Even if it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, she would have hope.

But she knew that she might never find him.

And he……

If he missed her, he could find her with a single call, but he didn’t call.

In the days that followed, she thought that it might be better to return to the Chaos Space.  Anyway, the mission was complete and it was endlessly waiting alone if she stayed here.

But she wasn’t willing.  She wasn’t willing to accept the plot of this ‘youth drama’ where like most of these dramas, there wasn’t a good ending.

She wanted a good ending, so this time she waited for him.

After graduating, she stayed home for a few months and looked at several jobs in the programming industry, but she gave them up in the end.

In the end, she took a job that went against mathematics, she became a writer!

No, to be more precise, it wasn’t a writer, but rather a more general…..editor.

She became the editor of a youth story publication, with many writers under her.  She would see all the true and fake love stories each day, feeling the loneliness and sadness in her heart.

It was her third year at Sakura Publishing and she had finally overcome all obstacles to go from a junior editor to editor in chief of group A.

There were many people who chased her over the years and no matter how intense they were, she had kept them out the door.

“Di, di, di, di.”  There was the sound messages on WeChat and her hands didn’t leave the keyboard as she looked at the calendar.

Today was Fang He’s birthday.  He was one of the most famous authors under her and with his looks, he had many fans.

Fifteen minutes later, she finished processing the last document and picked up the phone on her right side.

Man Who Has Dazzled Thousands of Girls: Great editor, can I invite you to a meal?  I am alone now and I only have you as a friend.

Seeing this WeChat ID, Luo Qing Chen almost broke out in laughter.

This was the personal account of the great writer.  If the fans knew that his ID was this, he wouldn’t have been called a ‘bubbly youth’ by all his fans.

Qing Chen: Un, I just finished.

Her WeChat name was very simple, it was her name.

There were times that she thought that if that youth forgot her phone number one day, perhaps he could find her by just searching.

Although this idea was very dumb, it had given her hope before.

Man Who Has Dazzled Thousands of Girls: The Porsche 911 is already here, it’s waiting downstairs for you.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t reply, she just put her phone in her bag and walked to the elevator.

“Hello, editor Luo……”

“Hello, editor Luo……”

“Editor Luo, you’re just getting off work?”


All the people working here respected her since the A column that she led was always the most popular.

Of course, she didn’t write anything, she just chose what was published.

Therefore, she was quite famous in the literature world.  After all, there were many talented people, but few people with good eyes for talent.

She was the editor with good eyes for talent that everyone respected.  She was good at digging out touching stories and promising newcomers.

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