Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1943: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 46)

It was another silent night……

It was already half past one when she got home.  She poured a cup of hot water for herself before sitting at her desk.

Her eyes unconsciously went to the drawer to the right hand side.  She hadn’t looked at the things inside for a long time.

Without knowing why, she suddenly wanted to take it out to look at it again.

“Kada.”  The drawer was opened.

What she saw was a clean test paper that had a faint fragrance to it.

It wasn’t the test paper itself that it came from, but rather it came from the bag of gardenia flowers she kept in the drawer.

Without knowing why, the smell of gardenia fragrance would make her think of the farewell from that day.

That passionate and warm hug……

Actually, she had discovered the secret of this test paper when she was basking in the sun on the balcony during a sunny afternoon.

There was a string of letters in Morse Code on this test paper that when converted to simple numbers had a left row going: 74642436 and a right row going: 962464.

He Jin Nian really was worthy of being He Jin Nian.  He used his own way to express the words in his heart and he used the most complicated way.

Luo Qing Chen was sure that if she wasn’t so proficient in math, she never would have realized his meaning.

How much of a shame it would have been to deduct these points then.

“He Jin Nian……”  She took a deep breath as she looked at that beautifully written test paper with trembling eyes, “Come back!  No matter what the time is, I will wait for you this time.”

“Di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di, di.”

As soon as her voice fell, her phone began to shake wildly.

It wasn’t a phone call, it wasn’t a text, and it could only be WeChat.  But she…..had turned off all sounds on her WeChat……

She quickly picked up the phone and unlocked the screen with trembling fingers.

She knew very clearly why her phone would shake like this……

Because she had once created a script that as soon as the messages to He Jin Nian were read, her phone would vibrate.

She had sent thousands of messages over the years.

Whenever she was lost and alone, whenever she felt sad, or every lonely night.

But those messages that had been sent were like stones in the sea, there were no reactions at all.

But today……

Luo Qing Chen quickly pressed the familiar buttons, but when she was about to press play, she hesitated.

Three years, since he wasn’t dead, since he was alive, why, why didn’t he come looking for her?

In a fit of rage, she turned off the notifications and angrily turned off her phone.

She took a carefree bath and wanted to sleep well before seeing the countless calls that would come tomorrow.

She never thought that less than thirty seconds after getting in bed after her shower, she would decide to turn on her phone!

When she saw her phone screen light up, she was a bit nervous.

But she was more expectant….

But life was like this.  There would be surprises that you wouldn’t care about and cold water when you were filled with expectations.

It let you know that life wasn’t always filled with surprises, but rather disappointment.

He Jin Nian didn’t call her, he just accepted all the messages that she had sent before and didn’t reply.

Her mind was filled with thoughts as she didn’t sleep that night, but she couldn’t think of an answer.

At the same time, in a five star hotel.

A youth sitting at a desk was seriously reading through WeChat, he didn’t want to miss a single message.

That was the…...three years that he had lost her……

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