Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1945: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 48)

The boss of Sakura suddenly stopped talking.  He just wanted to say a few flattering words, but he never expected to get a response.

Everyone also turned to He Jin Nian, but they only saw him pick up the pen and decisively sign his name on the merger contract.  Then he looked up to say, “I’ll be leaving first since I have something else to do.  Queen has already reserved the venue downstairs, so I hope that everyone will stay and enjoy dinner.”

“Thank you for president He’s kind hospitality!”  The former boss of Sakura kept flattering him and the other members of the board followed him.

This private dinner was not something that normal people could do, so naturally they would stay to enjoy it.

He Jin Nian gave a nod before standing up to leave.

A City had unknowingly entered winter.  Standing at the entrance of the hotel, He Jin Nian looked up slightly to watch the large snowflakes fall down.  There was a bit of sadness that filled the air.

His eyes sparkled as he narrowed them and muttered, “Qing Chen, I’m back.”

He had stayed up all night last night to read the messages she had sent him again and again.

Some were happy, some were sad, some were angry, and most of them were lonely……

She seemed to have lived a very peaceful life in the last three years, but he couldn’t understand the anxiety deep in her heart.

Endlessly waiting for someone was not something that anyone could do, he understood how uneasiness.

He hoped that he could work hard, using every method he could to return to her side.

And then forever being by her side……


Monday, half past eight.

The entire staff of Sakura was waiting for the new boss.  Wang De and Lin Miao were all dressed very formally.

As if waiting was a fortune with their heads raised high and their chests puffed out, maintaining their best position at all times.

In the past few days, Luo Qing Chen’s thoughts had been wandering.  The most important reason was that number she was most familiar with had been turned off.

Yes, she couldn’t help calling when that man didn’t respond at all.

Then there was a mechanical message that had made her mood drop.

“Ai……I’m really sorry, the editor in chief position will belong to me.”  Lin Miao had a layer of lipstick on her fire red lips, as well as large gold hoop earrings.  She looked over and said, “But don’t be too discouraged, I am a very fair person and will give you a chance.”

“It really makes one die of laughter.  Before the meeting, you're this proud of yourself.”  Wang De gave a cold snort, “Whether it is in terms of ability or talent, the editor in chief position will never be given to you!”

For Wang De, although the competition was fierce, he wasn’t a fool.  When it came to his competitors, Luo Qing Chen was much more difficult to deal with compared to Lin Miao.

After all, she had the ability to find ‘heroes’.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes to look at Lin Miao, her gaze was the same as in the elevator that day.

She could be this confident at this point, she must have found some kind of relation.

Damn!  She had lost at the starting point.  Could it be that she really found a large leg to hug like Fang He said and gotten the editor in chief position?!

Before she had time to consider it, she already followed the crowd into the conference room.

At nine, she saw the representative from QC, Chen Li.

There was a young man who was around seventeen to eighteen years old, looking very chic and had a powerful expression that made her uncomfortable to look at.

Since Luo Qing Chen had been looking at this youth, the moment that he came in, she could clearly tell that he was looking in Lin Miao’s direction.

The two seemed to have some kind of interaction through their eyes and Lin Miao’s expression became even more confident……

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