Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1955: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 58)

“You’re right.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes as she revealed a cold smile, “Then wish Lin Shan well for me!  Oh, right, you should know more about her silky laces better than me.”

When ‘Lin Shan’ was mentioned, Chen Dong’s expression changed.  His face that tried to act gentlemanly suddenly became fierce.

“Then this miss Luo Qing Chen who isn’t a part of our company, please leave our conference room immediately or don’t blame me for accusing you of stealing our company secrets!”  Chen Dong’s words were very ugly and Chen Li standing beside him had an ugly look on his face, but he didn’t stop him.

Luo Qing Chen was about to say something when she heard this, but the door to the conference room suddenly opened.

There was a bit of snow from the window and with a cold wind, the edge of her clothes were blown up.

“You’re wrong about stealing company secrets.”  A cold as water voice slowly rang out with a determined tone, “After all, editor Luo is a major shareholder who owns 70% of the shares of the company.”

Everyone suddenly turned to He Jin Nian.

He was like a bright light that took away her center of attention.

“He……He……Director He……”  Chen Dong’s voice trembled a bit.  He wanted to say something, but Chen Li stopped him.

“President He, my nephew is ignorant, this matter hasn’t been decided yet……”  Chen Li who had been calm the whole time suddenly started to feel a bit of panic.

After all, he had heard what He Jin Nian had just said.  Luo Qing Chen had 70% of the shares, just what was going on?

“Whether it’s decided or not, miss Luo Qing Chen is not someone you can offend.”  As soon as his voice fell, his eyes fell onto Chen Li with a bit of a chill.

Chen Li was stunned before quickly lowering his head, “President He, I’ve mishandled this matter.”

He had been with He Jin Nian all those years, so naturally he could feel the coldness in the voice of this talented young man.

At that moment, Luo Qing Chen felt her head buzz and she had forgotten to turn around.

He Jin Nian!  He Jin Nian!  He Jin Nian!

The boy who had overshadowed her no matter where it was.

The boy who had grown up with her, always being in the black and white space.

The boy who had used morse code to send what could be considered a confession.

He had disappeared for three years, without a single message, without looking for her…..

Now he had appeared in front of her again, what would she do?

Her brain couldn’t think and she could only listen to his indifferent voice.

Desperately telling herself: This isn’t a dream.

“That, president He, I……Let me introduce myself, I am Sakura’s editor in chief, Lin Miao.”  When she didn’t know what was happening, it wasn’t wrong to give out flattery first.

But He Jin Nian coldly looked at her and said, “I don’t care at all who you are.”

“Si!”  Everyone took a cold breath and looked at each other before not daring to say anything else.

Lin Miao clearly felt very awkward and wanted to say something, but she had been completely suppressed by He Jin Nian’s aura.

He came forward and stopped by Luo Qing Chen.  Looking at her red eyes, he said with a grin, “I’m back.”

She had imagined countless ways of meeting again, but she had never thought of what to say when she did meet him again.

She just felt like she suffocating as her heart kept jumping up and down.

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