Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1957: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 60)

“Your comprehensive ability, I think that everyone should be clear based on the powerpoint.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug, “Not to mention that…..you only have a few minutes to be proud.”

Although she was very surprised that the chairman of QC was He Jin Nian, she wasn’t surprised that long.

After all, with his high IQ, it was impossible that he couldn’t see through what was happening.

“I’m talking properly to you.  I say, what is a little girl like you getting all aggressive for?”  Lin Miao deliberately tried to speak in a gentle tone, showing off her generosity in front of He Jin Nian.

After all, it was important to have a good mentality as a leader.

“Un, I can understand in general what you mean.”  He Jin Nian saw that she was using another method to bully Luo Qing Chen and spoke without any hesitation.

He wanted to let her satisfy herself with her insults before continuing, but he couldn’t let her be bullied by anyone.

He wasn’t even willing to hear a single word……

“President He, your subordinate is naturally happy that you can understand……”  Lin Miao seemed like she could see the light of hope and quickly gave a bow.

Then He Jin Nian said, “I trust Chen Li’s eyes when it comes to the editor in chief position.”

When he said this, everyone revealed looks of shock.  They had thought that since Luo Qing Chen had known him for a long time, she would be at an advantage.

But they never thought that He Jin Nian’s words made it seem like he was standing with Lin Miao.


“What is this situation, is it a reversal?”

“It’s more than a reversal!  Look at Lin Miao…..She wants to laugh, but doesn’t dare, it really is disgusting.”

“But why does Luo Qing Chen seem so calm?”


The fragmented whispers entered her ears.  Although she didn’t know what He Jin Nian meant by this, he definitely wouldn’t be on Lin Miao’s side.

This was something that she was certain of.

Chen Li’s expression was as good as one would think, although his nephew Chen Dong was already pulling on his hand, “Uncle, it seems like president He isn’t here to stand with editor Luo.”

“President He, I……”

“There’s no need.”  He Jin Nian narrowed his eyes to coldly look at him, “As for the position of editor, it isn’t decided by you or me.  You should ask the person with the greatest authority in Sakura.”

Everyone was stunned as they revealed confused looks.

By all rights, QC had just bought out Sakura, so the one with the greatest authority should be He Jin Nian, but why did it sound like he wanted to ask someone else?

What did he mean by this?

“So who has the most authority in Sakura right now?”

“It should be the person with the most shares!”

“Then…..Isn’t that president He?”

“It seems like it’s not.”


“Then I want to ask, who has the most authority at Sakura?”  Lin Miao was a bit nervous as a slight tremble appeared in her voice.

Without knowing why, she was strangely unsettled.

He Jin Nian took out a USB from the pocket of his suit to throw to Chen Li, “You can tell her!  After all, she is the one that you chose.”

Chen Li was a bit nervous as he caught the USB and put it into his computer.  Then when the transfer document appeared in front of him, even someone as experienced as him couldn’t help revealing a look of disbelief.

This……How was this possible……

It was, it was actually her……

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