Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1960: Hello, my mister confidant (End)

Don’t Forget Chen: ?

Luo Qing Chen holding the phone revealed a faint smile as a warm feeling filled her heart.

Jin Nian Won’t Lose: Let’s get married!

When he typed this, he was nervously pacing around in his hotel room.

He felt that although this was three years late, he was still as nervous as before.

In the world of love, his maturity had disappeared.

Don’t Forget Chen: Don’t you think that you’re missing a step in this process?

Process!  Process!  Process!

For example, from strangers to friends, from friends to lovers, from lovers to a married couple!

They hadn’t even become lovers yet, how could just jump to marriage?

Was the word ‘girlfriend’ eaten by He Jin Nian?

With Luo Qing Chen’s understanding, He Jin Nian should have immediately understood what she meant.

Jin Nian Won’t Lose: I feel that our relationship before is beyond lovers!


Luo Qing Chen went to take a shower, so it took a while before she replied to He Jin Nian.

When she went to reply, her WeChat was in a mess.

He Jin Nian had gone back to replying to all the messages from before.  Each sentence seemed funny, but it was also touching.

But this constant vibration really was……

Don’t Forget Chen: I feel that your proposal isn’t bad, I accept!

Jin Nian Won’t Lose: ?

Jin Nian Won’t Lose: ??

Jin Nian Won’t Lose: ???

Don’t Forget Chen: You regret it?

Jin Nian Won’t Lose: I would never regret it, I……

Don’t Forget Chen: Un?

Jin Nian Won’t Lose: Forget it, I’ll tell you on the day of the wedding!


Three months later, it was a wedding that came on a warm spring day.

The gardenias were blooming and there was the fragrance of flowers in the air.

She was wearing a pure white wedding dress and standing in front of her was a pastor who was waiting for their answer.

After some applause, she asked him, “What did you want to tell me that day?”

“Un……”  There was a sparkle in his beautiful eyes as he leaned over to say in her ear, “I love you.”

Thoughts grew over time.

If he had said this ten years ago, it would have sounded frivolous.

But now, it had a weight to it.

He had hid his deep love just to forever stay by her side.

Whether it was as a lover or as a friend, at least he was certain that he would never lose her…..

But he finally understood that taking this step didn’t mean separation, but rather entering her life with a new identity.

Taking care of her, protecting her, cherishing her……

“He Jin Nian……”  Without knowing why, when she heard He Jin Nian suddenly say the word ‘love’, she couldn’t stop her face from being covered in a blush.

“Wife, I’m sorry……”  His eyes trembled as he nervously looked at her, “Was I too anxious?”

The three words ‘I love you’, should he have waited and not said them now?

“He, he……”  Luo Qing Chen revealed an awkward smile, “Wasn’t that a bit too stiff?”

After saying this, she stood on her tiptoes and lifted the white veil.  Looking at his lips, she kissed him without any hesitation.

Then he suddenly took her waist with his right hand and replied in a gentle, but domineering manner.

Without knowing how long passed, he finally let her go.  He gently placed a kiss in between her brows, “Anyone who praises your beauty can’t compare to when I first saw you.”

These were the most beautiful words of love she had heard in this life.

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