Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1962: Side story: Some people are like rainbows, only understanding after meeting them (Part 2)

Actually, sometimes I admitted that I had feelings for her, but I would become scared.

A single I love you couldn’t be said for many years.

Perhaps because it was endured that no matter how long passed, I could stay by her side.

But I never thought that there would be a Fang He that would appear in our lives.

When I first saw Fang He, I knew that he would steal my spotlight.

It wasn’t because he looked better than me, rather because of those eyes and his smile.

He was the complete opposite of me…..

His enthusiasm and aggressiveness made me strangely annoyed, but there was a bit of…..envy.

Yes, I envied him.

I envied that he could approach her without any hesitation, being able to confess his love without caring.

And I……couldn’t do that.

I felt like I was trapped in a deep abyss, desperately trying to escape, but I couldn’t climb up no matter what.

At that time, as long as I heard Fang He’s voice, I couldn’t concentrate.

His quick tone was like a deep taunting voice that made me feel…..like I would soon lose her.

She only had me by her side before, but now……

At that time, I wished that Fang He disappeared from this world, no longer existing.

I never knew if it was my resentment that was too strong or if Fang He’s destiny was bad.

He really disappeared, or it can’t be considered that since he became a ‘vegetable’.

I heard that he was in an accident when he was buying flowers for her.  It was Qixi that day, so he most likely wanted to confess to her!

In the dark side of my heart, there was a strange happiness.  At least he could no longer take her away from me.

Although I knew that I could never have her because I knew that this accident would have an effect on her, so I couldn’t cause her trouble at this time.

I felt that I could wait, wait until the day Fang He woke up, wait until we graduated and reached the age where we could start a business and a family.

But I never thought that I would never reach that day.

My family was targeted by our competitors and they used illegal means to slander our company, causing our stock prices to drop.

But my parents had always had quite the fame in the business circle, so they quickly used their plans and the company was stabilized.

But I never thought that they would use assassins.

When my uncle called, I knew that there was no future between me and her.

It turned out the first to leave was me and not her……

Once before, I thought that I would always be by her side.  No matter what happened, even if the person she chose to marry wasn’t me, I would be by her side.

I never thought that I would be the one to decide to leave her.

When I was sitting on the airplane, I felt like I wanted to run off the plane at any time, forgetting all this hatred to stay by her side.

But I knew that I couldn’t do that.

Life was filled with many choices and each choice was difficult.

The choice that I was making this time was the most difficult one in my life.

The days in America were harder than I imagined.  My parents had left me some money, but this money was stored in a specific bank.  The mastermind behind the assassination had sent people to watch the bank.

I knew that they wanted to catch me and then finish this.

After all, for this money, in a country where one could freely obtain firearms, it wasn’t a problem for them to kill one or two people.

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