Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1966: Master, please step up (Part 3)

The guild that the previous host was in was called Fight the World Together, it was a large battle guild in the new server Light Dream.  Most of the people in this guild spent money to play this game and they spent quite a bit.

Most men needed girls when playing games and this guild had a small group of girls who were led by ‘Sweetheart Darling’, being the so-called group of cute girls.

They naturally disliked the previous host because the previous host could buy what she liked herself and they had to make a “contract” with the big brothers before they could get what they wanted.

Over time, the previous host became an outsider in the guild.  In their free time, they liked to gossip about her.

For example…….

“That summer, I can tell that it’s Sun giving her money to spend.  She acts like a boss all day, I bet that she’s already given that away!”

“How could she not?  Otherwise with those skills, how could she still go to the dungeons?  She can only hug the legs of the big brothers, it truly is disgusting!”


There were countless people who said stuff like this.

The previous host had been pampered since she was young and had never encountered something like this before.  She didn’t know what to do at all when she encountered this.

The supporting male lead ‘Sun God’ told her at this time that if she gave gifts to them, maybe that would change their mind.

The previous host liked ‘Sun God’ very much and to stay in the guild, during the New Years event, she gave all the girls in the cute girls group led by Sweetheart Darling a new bride set.

She never thought that they would fight back when they received the bride set, letting ‘Sweetheart Darling’ from their group to successfully catch ‘Sun God’.

Later the previous host learned that this ‘Sweetheart Darling’ girl had been having an affair with ‘Sun God’ for a long time.

But for the previous host’s money, ‘Sun God’ have never married her.

Before this, ‘Sweetheart Darling’ had directly done that with ‘Sun God’.  After this man called Sun had finished the deed, he had gone back to forcefully break the contract with the previous host.

Moreover, it was using a server message, like a man who couldn’t take it anymore.

[Server message] Sun God: It’s not enough after I gave you all those things?  You always ask for money when you log on and you’re always dead when you go into dungeons.  If this contract isn’t broken, how long should I keep it going?

Then there was a system announcement that rang out in the server.

[System announcement] Sun God has used a secret method to break the contract with Summer.  The old vows have disappeared from the Setting Cloud Continent and can never be replaced.

Since the cute girls group from the Fighting the World Together guild all stood with Sun God and Sweetheart Darling, no one believed anything the previous host said in her defense.

Not to mention that before she had time to defend herself, the guild master of the Fighting the World Together guild had kicked her.

All the people she loved and all the money she spent couldn’t be taken back.

The next day, Sun God and Sweetheart Darling formed a contract and bought a pack of fireworks worth fifty two dollars to set off, making their wedding very festive.

Both the world messages and server messages rang out, but the previous host was lonely.

Only one person messaged her, it was the only apprentice that she received when she entered the game.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Master, are you alright……

The previous host’s apprentice had a low level and poor equipment.  The two had met because he had found the previous host to buy a limited edition mount named ‘Nine Coloured Immortal Deer’.

But when the previous host traded it, she forgot to receive the payment for it……

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