Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1968: Master, please step up (Part 5)

[Guild] Cute Darling: Did someone send me flowers? [Cute Darling’s status].

[Guild] Sweetheart Darling: I want flowers too!  ↖(^ω^)↗

[Guild] Dragon God Big Brother: You two are so popular and you still want flowers!

This Dragon God Big Brother was a big brother and he was one that didn’t have a contract right now.

But she remembered that his voice was rather rough, so the three people in the ‘cute girl group’ didn’t like it.

But looking at it, even if you didn’t like it, you had to hug the big brother’s leg.  After all, a big brother that didn’t have a contract would be easy to get gifts from.

[Guild] Fairy Darling: Didn’t Dragon God Big Brother open a bunch of gift boxes yesterday?  Did you give it to that young miss?

When Luo Qing Chen saw the messages in the guild chat, she revealed a faint smile.

It seemed like the three girls of the cute girl group had appeared.  This Fairy Darling should be the one that was the most low key among them.

But as long as the man she was with had something, she would definitely post in the guild chat.  Look at this, this, this, all these new items, you have to give some to her.

[Guild] Dragon God Big Brother: I just casually opened them, I don’t have anyone to give it to!

[Guild] Fairy Darling: I saw that you sent Blossoming the Rainbow Rose yesterday!  Is what she was wearing given by you as well?

Seeing the words from this ‘Fairy Darling’, Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort and muttered, “Can only men have money, can’t women have money as well?”

[Guild] Blossoming: What a joke!  Just because you don’t have anything, does that mean others can’t?

[Guild] Fairy Darling: Miss Blossoming, don’t be so agitated!  I’m not making fun of Dragon God!  (=?Д?=)

[Guild] Blossoming: I can’t take it.

Guild notification: Blossoming has left the guild.

Luo Qijng Chen sitting in front of the computer was surprised.  It seemed like this had happened in the memories of the previous host as well.

But the previous host had stood on the side of the cute girl group.

[Guild] Fairy Darling: Damn!  Do you need to be so fragile?  Can’t you just take a joke?

[Guild] Sweetheart Darling: There are many people like this, showing off with only a bit of battle power.  It’s not like she’s our guild’s number one healer!

[Guild] Sun God: The number one healer in our guild is my wife!  [Summer’s status]

Ze, ze, he really was ‘two faced’.  This sun God was trying single mindedly to win the trust of the previous host.

After all, he knew better than anyone that the previous host was the one who was rich.

[Guild] Fairy Darling: What’s the use of high battle power!  It can be obtained by hugging a leg, the key thing is whether one’s skills are good.

This girl named Fairy Darling really had a mocking tone.  Luo Qing Chen opened her status, thirty thousand battle power!

She then opened her own, fifty thousand battle power!

Although they were both healers, it was clear that they were healers of different levels.  Moreover, their skills weren’t even in the same realm!

No, the system didn’t give her the healer skills yet, right?

[Oh!  Sorry, the system just forgot!]

[Ding, because of the specialty of this gaming world, the host has only obtained 50% of the healer skills.]

?!  What does this 50% mean?

[Since this is an A level mission, the host can only gain 50% of the skills!]

What about the other 50%?

[Learn it yourself!]

He, he, he, he, he, he……It had to be said, her system really was getting more and more naughty!

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