Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1969: Master, please step up (Part 6)

She could understand what the 50% the system meant was.  It was using the number one healer of «Heavenly Mandate» as a base and giving her half their skills.

But it was clear that having 50% of the skills, she could already feel the sensitivity coming in.

She quickly typed some words on the keyboard.

[Guild] Summer: Plant the flag?

In this game, planting the flag meant 1v1.

In Luo Qing Chen’s words, there’s no need to waste words if you can use your hands!  Using the sword was the best way to deal with problems!

The Fighting the World Together chat channel exploded.

There were three shrill voices that rang out in the cute girl group’s room……

“She dares to challenge you even when she’s that handicapped?”

“Right!  Who doesn’t know that her level 79 healer can’t even beat a level 50 dungeon?  How can you challenge you to plant the flag?”

“Isn’t it because she’s hugging thighs!  No matter what, Sun is one of the best, I just don’t know why his brain is so bad that he formed a contract with that handicapped person.”

“Then do you think I should accept or not?  Doesn’t the handicapped person know if she can beat me or not?”

“Accept it!  I can’t stand how arrogant she is!”  Cute Darling pursed her lips as she said, “I’m clearly better than her, I don’t know why Sun likes her!”

As one of the three girls in the guild, she played best with Sun.

She always thought that he would form a contract with her, but she never thought that there would be a high battle strength healer called Summer that would suddenly appear!

Although her battle strength was high, in her eyes, she definitely raised her battle strength and got the equipment from her contract.

[Guild]: Fairy Darling: A fifty thousand healer is fighting a thirty thousand healer like me, how embarrassing would it be if you lost!”

[Guild] Summer: Beating noobs is never embarrassing.

As soon as she sent this, Sun God sent her a DM.

[DM] Sun God: What is with you today, why are you so angry?  Fairy’s skills are quite good, you shouldn’t plant the flag with her!

As Sun God who was contracted to the previous host, he naturally knew what level the previous host was at.  Although the previous host had good equipment, in a duel, it would be wasted skills if she couldn’t land them……

Adding in the fact that she can’t move, the other side’s skills would all hit her.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes.  She didn’t even reply as she bought a Duel Sticker from the store and put in Fairy Darling’s ID!

The world exploded!

[World] Cold Moon Turns Into a River Thinking of You: Damn!  A Duel Sticker!

[World] Peaceful: What is interesting about two healers……

[World] Little Ruler KK: I’ve played with this Fairy before, she is quite a good healer!

[World] Cute Darling: It’s a pity!  The other fifty thousand healer is handicapped!  Declaring a dule like this and still losing, you won’t be able to last on this server anymore.

[World] Sweetheart Darling: Right!  Still showing off in the guild, who doesn’t know where you got those equipment from?

In order to show off the friendship between the three sisters, the other two darlings went to the world chat to show support for their sister.

But there were those with righteousness that also appeared, for example, Blossoming who just left the guild.

[World] Blossoming: There are a lot of people who get jealous in this world, they aren’t happy if others have what they don’t have!  He, he, laughable!

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