Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1970: Master, please step up (Part 7)

Luo Qing Chen opened Blossoming’s profile.  A healer with forty five thousand battle power and a set of top grade equipment.

She was surprised when she saw her guild information.  The person who had left the guild had gone to Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine.

Wasn’t this the guild of the male lead Gong Mu Bai?

[World] Fairy Baby: Fight if you want, I’m not afraid of you.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and quickly typed something as she revealed a faint smile.

[Horn] Summer: I’m waiting for you at Sulan Bridge, do you dare to delete your account if you lose?

The world was already boiling, Luo Qing Chen went to using the horn.

Such a fierce display made Fairy Darling panic a bit.

The three girls started discussing in their group again.

“Is she real?  She went to the horn?”

“It’s already been said, how embarrassing if you didn’t do it!”

“How about I make a bet with her!  Anyway, she can’t be my opponent with her skills.”  Fairy Baby swallowed a mouthful of saliva after saying this, “She can’t suddenly become stronger……”

“What are you panicking for?  Didn’t you see the guild experts fighting this afternoon!  The amount of healing was abysmal.”

“Alright!  I’m not afraid of her!”

Fairy Darling gritted her teeth as she bought a horn to reply to Luo Qing Chen.

[Horn] Fairy Darling: Let’s do it then, don’t regret it afterwards!

The world exploded once again.

This was the healer duel of the century, there were already people in the world making bets.

[World] Gambler 005: Taking bets, taking bets, it’s 1:1 right now!  Come and enter the group, put down your bets!

[World] Person In a Dream: This Fairy Darling and Summer’s battle strength has a big difference!  Can she win?

[World] A Small Bear: That isn’t certain, Fairy’s skills aren’t bad.  I’ve heard that although Summer’s equipment is good, her skills can’t keep up!

[World] Falling Happiness: That’s right.  Battle strength is one thing, but skills are another thing.


The world chat was going too fast that she was too lazy to care about it.

When she heard a ‘ding’ sound, she looked at the chat in the lower right.

It was a DM from the previous host’s apprentice.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Master, are you really planting the flag with her?

Speaking of this apprentice, Luo Qing Chen remembered that he kept following her because the previous host had been too lazy to collect the money.

Not only did he give the previous host the money, he insisted on becoming her apprentice and letting her teach him!

Wasn’t this a joke?  The previous host was that bad, would she teach him how to rush into a crowd to die?

[DM] Summer: Is a deleting account duel a joke?  (Eating sunflower seeds)

Since the previous host liked using this emote, she would use it too.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: But……that person’s skills aren’t bad.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and gave a soft snort as she typed something on her keyboard!

[DM] Summer: Father’s battle strength crushes hers!

After saying this, she saw Fairy Darling walking over in the free equipment that the game offered.

Luo Qing Chen looked at her own avatar, she was wearing full rare clothes and they were covered in high level dyes.

She suddenly understood why those girls would be so ‘jealous’!

After all, there was too much of a gap between them!

[System] Notification: Player Fairy Darling has accepted player Summer’s challenge, they will enter combat mode in sixty seconds.

[World] Gambler 005: It’s now 5:1!  Are there any other bets, it’ll end soon!

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