Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1971: Master, please step up (Part 8)

Luo Qing Chen looked at the odds.  It seemed like there really were few people who bet on her, it reached 5:1 so fast.

In other words, if you bet on her to win, a hundred thousand in game coins would become five hundred thousand.

God!  No matter how bad the previous host was, there was a difference of twenty thousand.

Seeing the odds, the people who were watching stirred once again.

[World] Bored: It seems like this is a game that really relies on skills!

[World] Love Is a Beam of Light: Heavenly Mandate really is fun!  I can even earn money!

[World] Cute Darling: Ze, ze!  A certain person’s skills are that bad!  0.0


There was only twenty seconds before the duel and it was at this time that the gambler’s smurf sent a message that heated up the entire game!

[Horn] Gambler 005: The ratio is now 1:1.  There was a boss that suddenly sent in thirty million Cloud Coins betting on Summer to win!

[World] Person In a Dream: What is going on?  Damn, thirty million Cloud Coins, isn’t that three thousand dollars!?

[World] Falling Happiness: A boss that has money can exchange for me!  I don’t have anything and have no skills, but I’m very fun to play with!

Luo Qing Chen saw this horn and she tapped the table with her left hand out of habit.

Just who would bet three thousand dollars on her to win, this was just unbelievable…..

Could it be the Blossoming who had just left to go to Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine?

This wasn’t very likely.  After all, Blossoming was well equipped, but she wasn’t a tyrant.

“Ding dong.”  There was the sound of a DM that rang out.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Master, you have to win!


Luo Qing Chen was confused as she looked at the DM with her apprentice.  Could it be that he was the one who made this bet?

[DM] Summer: Was it you?

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Yes!  It was everything I had!  I bet it all on master to win!

Luo Qing Chen looked at the equipment of her apprentice, it really was bad.  But the interesting thing was that he was in the same guild as Gong Mu Bai.

They were both in Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine.

Before she could think of what to reply with, she and Fairy Darling had entered plant the flag mode.

The fight between two healers wasn’t very exciting because healers mainly focused on healing, so they were hard to kill.

Unless both sides ran out of MP, there wouldn’t be an ending.

But when Luo Qing Chen changed her PK skills, she directly chose to damage instead of healing.

This meant that the thirty thousand healer in front of her was like a piece of paper.

When they entered the duel, Luo Qing Chen easily closed the gap and directly attacked her.

The previous host’s equipment was very good and it was very painful when it was all swapped to damage.

So before Fairy Darling could react, she only had half her HP left.

Then she changed to control skills to heal herself up, but she never thought that Luo Qing Chen’s control skill would be to summon an Ape Spirit from the sky.

There was a gorilla that fell from the sky that beat Fairy Darling to death.

The world paused for three seconds as less than twenty seconds had passed since the duel started.

That was how Luo Qing Chen…..had easily won.

[World] It’s Glazed Glass: 66666666

[World] A Small Bear: 6666666666666

[World] Our Memories: Won’t say too much, just a single 6.

[TL Note: 6 in Chinese internet slang means amazing.]

[Horn] Blossoming: A certain three jealous sisters really have embarrassed themselves!

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