Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1972: Master, please step up (Part 9)

Actually, if Fairy Darling also had fifty thousand battle strength like her, she wouldn’t have won that easily.

The problem was that the previous host was a local tyrant and crushed her in battle power!

[Cross Server] Summer: You’re only at this level?

Luo Qing Chen directly used a cross server horn without any hesitation.  As far as she could remember, this was a hundred dollar horn.

But she felt that it was worth it!

There was a deathly silence in the chat room of the three plastic sisters.

Cute Baby gritted her teeth as she said into her mic, “Fairy, why didn’t you dodge just now?  Why do I think that you were just standing there!”

She was the most angry out of the three ‘plastic sisters’ because she had always admired Sun God.

So this time she wanted Fairy Darling to stand up for her, but she had lost and she had lost in this strange manner.

“Of course I dodged!”  Fairy Darling angrily said, “I don’t know what is with her, her skills have suddenly gotten better.  She isn’t a pure healer anymore, she should have added damage.”

“She can deal damage?”  Sweetheart Darling gave a cold snort, “What a joke!  I’ll fight her!”

[Horn] Sweetheart Darling: There’s this difference in battle power, that doesn’t mean that your skills are good!  I’ll fight you!”

Luo Qing Chen right clicked Sweetheart Darling’s profile.  There was a picture there like an internet celebrity and a hypocritical quote.

Compared to Fairy Darling, her battle strength was higher, being at forty thousand.

A supporting female lead was worthy of being one, she was a bit more powerful.

But she was still a noob in front of her!

[Horn] Summer: Delete your account first, ok?

After all, they agreed to delete their accounts.  She wanted to fight before the account was deleted, was she a fool?

[Horn] Sweetheart Darling: A difference of twenty thousand, you have better equipment than her, so it’s normal to win!  Why would our Fairy delete her account?!

[Horn] Summer: Ha, ha, ha!  If I win against you, will you delete your account?

This was an absolute challenge, not giving her any face at all.

[World] A Small Bear: Boss Summer is right!  Is there a meaning to a duel if you don’t delete your account?!

[World] Farewell Autumn Wind: It seems like they’re a bit scared!

[World] Cherry Blossoms In a Dream: Boss, don’t fight them!  First let them delete the account of the person who planted the flag with you!  If you don’t delete your account, you’re lowly!  You’re trash!”


The entire world chat went to one side.  After all, they had agreed to delete accounts, so it was unsightly if they didn’t do it.

When this matter was pushed to the edge, the little white flowers of the guild couldn’t sit still.

[Guild] Exclusively Cute: I say, Summer, we’re all in the same guild, aren’t we?

[Guild] Sword Wielding Skyline: That’s right!  It’s just suppressing with battle power!  If you and Fairy changed accounts, you would lose too!

[Guild] Fairy’s Little Tail: He, he!  You’re just acting tough because of your equipment!


When Fairy Darling had challenged her, she wasn’t angry.

Then when Sweetheart Darling used a horn to challenge her, she wasn’t angry.

But when she saw this kind of guard appear in the guild chat, all of them attacking her, her anger instantly swelled!

[Guild] Summer: @Fairy’s Little Tail, are you blind?

[Guild] Fairy’s Little Tail: The truth is unpleasant!  If you really think you’re a boss, come and plant the flag with me!

[Guild] Summer: You’ll delete your account if you lose?

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