Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1973: Master, please step up (Part 10)

When Luo Qing Chen typed these words, her heart was boiling.  She had completely integrated herself into this world.

Question: Why was this world so easy to integrate into?

Answer: Because there are many idiots!

[Guild] Fairy’s Little Tail: Come!  So afraid of you!

[Guild] Summer: Waiting for you on Sulan Bridge, don’t be scared to delete their account like a certain someone!

Fairy’s Little Tail was most likely one of Fairy Darling’s admirers.  When his goddess was being bullied, naturally he was filled with anger.

Luo Qing Chen right clicked Fairy’s Little Tail’s profile.  Forty five thousand battle power and his job was Burning Sky.

It had to be said, his equipment really was good and he was considered an expert.

But a healer fighting a Burning Sky, with the difference of five thousand battle power, the latter didn’t have a chance to win.

Unless, the former was handicapped!

But perhaps in the eye of this Little Tail, the previous host was handicapped!

[Horn] Fairy’s Little Tail: Father is telling everyone in the server that if I lose, I’ll delete my account.

[Horn] Summer: Come, it’ll be my loss if I even take a step back.

Fairy’s voice suddenly appeared in the Fighting the World Together’s chat.  She said into the mic, “Tail, don’t be like this, I really have to thank you.  It’s my fault, it doesn’t matter if she bullies me with my low battle power.”

“I won’t let you be bullied!”  The rough voice of a man rang out, it sounded like an old man who was in his late thirties.

It was no wonder even with using twenty eight thousand dollars to get the black gold wins, even changing his name for Fairy that he wasn’t able to get her affection.

“Tail, if you win, let’s make a contract!”  Fairy pretended to be moved as she said, “I’m not afraid if you’re here.”

Fairy Darling didn’t say this without any reason since the battle between Luo Qing Chen hadn’t passed yet.

As long as Tail beat Summer, she didn’t have a reason to delete her account!

The world’s stakes were opened again, but this time the odds were completely one sided.

In less than a minute, the odds were 9:1.

Almost everyone thought that ‘Fairy’s Little Tail’ would win.

[World] A Small Bear: Sorry boss Summer!  Your opponent this time is one of the top Burning Sky players in this world.

[World] Breeze Comes: Wa!  So boring!  There’s no suspense in this match at all.

[World] Blossoming: I don’t think so!  One million Cloud Coins on Summer winning!  What is there to be afraid of?


It had to be said, Blossoming’s words really were…..fierce!

[World] Gambler 005: Someone just put down sixty million Cloud Coins on boss Summer, so the odds are now 1:1.

[World] Falling Happiness: Damn, so amazing?

[World] Missing You Is Breathing In Pain: I just want to know which boss is supporting boss Summer!

Luo Qing Chen in front of the computer took a deep breath.  She quickly went to her DMs to find the suspect.

[DM] Summer: Apprentice, it’s you again?

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Master!  You have to win!  These are the Cloud Coins I just won, they aren’t even warm yet……

[DM] Summer: I won’t lose!  Just take those Cloud Coins to buy some equipment, yours are just too lacking…..

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Master must win!  Master must win!  Master must win!


At this time, there were already many people gathered at Sulan Bridge.  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as she recognized a name from the crowd.

Admiring the Moon!

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