Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1974: Master, please step up (Part 11)

He was wearing a snow white brocaded robe, looking so dazzling as he stood in that crowd.

Luo Qing Chen secretly opened his profile while waiting for the other party to come.

Job: Light Blade.

Battle power: 61000

Avatar: A moon white blade with snow flying around it and ancient text.

His status didn’t let anyone leave a message, so it was completely blank.

No master, no apprentice, no contracted.

Why did this boss come to Sulan Bridge to watch this kind of boring battle?

[Horn] Fairy’s Little Tail: Hurry up!  Father doesn’t have time to waste with you.

Luo Qing Chen saw the provocation in the horn and didn’t waste words with him since it was better to make a move instead.

She directly accepted the request for a duel.

Both sides were ready.

Because there wasn’t a Duel Sticker, they entered a PK state very quickly.

It had to be said, this Tail’s skills really were good.

Whether it was dodging or predicting, he was very accurate, but Luo Qing Chen was a healer.

Moreover, she was no longer a healer that was speced for damage, but rather a full healing healer.

Although Fairy’s Little Tail could hurt her, she also healed quickly and dodged well, avoiding several of his large attacks.

Fairy’s Tail was only left with a third of his HP after a minute and she was still at full health.

This was making a mistake when you were in a rush.  When Luo Qing Chen used CC spells on him, he didn’t have a way to break free and was killed by her unparalleled skill.

Fairy’s Little Tail stood there for a while, not being able to come back to his senses.

After all, to let him accept the fact that he had lost to a handicapped healer was something he couldn’t do.

But this was a fact.  Even if he couldn’t accept it, it was a fact.

The world stirred once again.

[World] A Small Bear: Damn!  Wasn’t that Summer’s skills too amazing?

[World] Falling Happiness: It’s definitely the most skilled healer that I’ve every seen!

[World] Newton’s Apple: I heard that she was a handicapped person who only had battle power that couldn’t even beat a level 50 dungeon.  It seems like those rumours are all false.

[Horn] Summer: Please bring your healer and delete your account together.

Although Luo Qing Chen’s words were aggressive, since the other side had been aggressive earlier, they should accept the pain of this slap.

[Horn] Fairy’s Little Tail: What’s so amazing?  I’ll delete it, what is there to act about?  Fairy won’t delete her account, I’ll delete mine.

[Cross server] Summer: Coward!

[Horn] Fairy Darling: Is it great to be rich!  You’re still going cross server, who knows where you got your money from?

[Horn] Blossoming: What, are you jealous again?  Since it’s an account deleting duel, what are you scared of!

[World] Fairy Darling: What does it matter to you!

[Horn] Blossoming: Do I need a reason to see you upset?

This girl called Blossoming could be considered openly helping her and it was mainly because she couldn’t stand these jealous people.

It was natural for men to have money and girls having money meant that there was someone taking care of them.

This logic……

After this planting the flag, the crowd was completely on Luo Qing Chen’s side.

After all, everyone was responsible for their own words, even experts weren’t exceptions.

[Horn] Fairy’s Little Tail: I already said I’ll delete my account, what are you still arguing for?

[Horn] Blossoming: So that one called Fairy won’t?

[Horn] Fairy’s Little Tail: What does it matter to you, come and plant the flag if you have the skills!

Luo Qing Chen quickly typed something on her keyboard.

[Horn] Summer: A person who is already deleting their account has no right to plant the flag.

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