Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1975: Master, please step up (Part 12)

It had to be said, although this Little Tail’s words were a bit ugly, he really was trying to protect Fairy Darling.

Even if Fairy didn’t say a thing, he was still protecting her.

“Di, di, di, di.”  There was the sound of a DM that rang out.

Luo Qing Chen thought that it was her apprentice congratulating her, but she never thought that it was the previous host’s current contracted, Sun God.

No matter how many horns were sent before, he never sent a horn or even went to the world chat for her.

Was there something wrong with the previous host’s eyes?  She kept this kind of contracted through New Years?

[DM] Sun God: Qing Qing, how about we forget about it!  We’re all one guild, why make it so ugly?

He, he!  As soon as he came in, it was to broker peace.  If she had lost, this scumbag wouldn’t have sent a single horn for her.

Perhaps he might want her to delete her account sooner and give all her valuable things to him.

That way he could go with his ‘Sweetheart Darling’.

[DM] Summer: Same guild?

Luo Qing Chen’s words were concise, but the meaning was very clear.

[DM] Sun God: Right!  Tail is a high level member of our guild and deleting his account will affect this week’s territory battle.

Territory battle!

In the game, territory battle was the most exciting and large scale guild battle.

Right now, Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine and Fighting the World Together were the strongest guilds on the server.

The territory battle between the two guilds each week was very fierce.  In the memories of the previous host, the number one spot on the kill rankings was the number one Light Blade of Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine, Admiring the Moon.

The territory war represented the strength of a guild, so the guild would try their best to attract experts.

Fairy’s Tail was considered a high level member of Fighting the World Together.

[DM] Summer: What does it matter to me?

Luo Qing Chen quit the guild without another word.  She teleported right to the contract land and planned on breaking her contract.

When she left the guild, Sun God was stunned.

After all, she had been very happy when he brought her into the guild a few days ago.

Not only did she give everyone in the guild red packets, she even sang for him.

How did she change into a different person today?  Her skills were good and every word was cold.

Then before he could come back to his senses, he received the notification of the contract termination.

System announcement: Player Summer has used a secret method to break the contract with player Sun God.  The old vows have disappeared from the Setting Cloud Continent and can never be replaced.

[World] Falling Happiness: Damn!  The boss forcefully broke the contract!

[World] Newton’s Apple: Isn’t this hilarious?!  Wa, wa, wa, look, the boss has left the guild!

[World] City in the Sky: Why do I feel that boss Summer is a bit handsome!


It had to be said, Luo Qing Chen felt that this move from her was rather handsome!  The light of the protagonist shined over her and she felt one word, satisfied!

“Di, di, di.”  This followed the explosion of the world.

She received more and more private messages.  Of course it was no one other than her former contract, Sun God!

[DM] Sun God: ?

[DM] Sun God: What is this?

[DM] Sun God: What is the meaning of this?  What are you doing breaking the contract?


After dozens of messages flooded her, she opened his profile and blocked him.

It was all done in one breath without any hesitation!

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