Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1977: Master, please step up (Part 14)

It was unknown if Luo Qing Chen’s words were too fierce or if Sun God was still thinking of what to say.

In short, a long time passed without Sun God sending a horn.

When she thought that he was afraid, there was an announcement from the contract land.

[Announcement] Sun God and Cute Darling love each other and have become the 2563 contracted couple on the server.  From this day forth, they will play together, understand each other, and will never separate.

Seeing the announcement in the game, Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled into a cold smile as she muttered, “She finally got her chance.”

[Horn] Cute Darling: No matter what grievances you suffer, I will be with you, husband.  (′ε`)


The people watching in this world were all stunned!

Not because of Sun God and Cute Darling getting together, but because……

[World] Falling Happiness: This…..This…..Husband?

[World] A Small Bear: Damn!  This quick?

[World] Forgetting the Dream, Forgetting You: The game is all fake!  I want to return to reality!  Room A, two thousand dollars, profile must be linked!

[Horn] Blossoming: The final horn for you today, a b*tch with a dog, a heaven made match.

To be fair, although Blossoming’s words were a bit crude and direct, it got right to the point and wasn’t wrong.

Although Luo Qing Chen didn’t like using these words, she still had to admire her!

But Sun God couldn’t take these ugly words.

After all, his new love had spoken out, so how could he not stand up for her?

[Horn] Sun God: It’s really cheap to swear.  No one wants you, so you’re jealous?

[Horn] Blossoming: What is there to be jealous of, scumbag?

[Horn] Sun God: You want to play with horns!  Father will play with you today!

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eye and directly bought a set of cross server horns.

Un!  This was very expensive, but she couldn’t lose this battle now!

[Cross server] Summer: I’ll play with you!  Horns aren’t fun, let’s play with cross server horns.

It was a hundred dollars for a cross server horn, it wasn’t something that normal people could afford.

Her doing this had indirectly proven that she was rich and it had nothing to do with Sun God.

Seeing that the other side wasn’t reacting, Luo Qing Chen didn’t forget to act aggressive as she used another cross server horn.

[Cross server] Summer: What are you afraid of?

Sitting in the dark room biting her lip, Cute Darling used the few Cloud Coins that she had to buy a ten dollar horn from the store.

This was the money for her dinner, but to show off in the game, she didn’t mind!

[Horn] Cute Darling: Is there any meaning?  Don’t you know where your money came from?

[Cross server] Summer: This is a good question, don’t you know in your heart where my money comes from?

[World] A Small Bear: Since everyone is fighting, then use cross server horns.  At least someone is using cross server horns and you’re still using normal horns.

[World] Summer’s Wind: Ha, ha!  I was just about to say this, a bunch of people calling someone using cross server horns poor!  Could it be that the gossipers know how to slap your faces?

Luo Qing Chen felt that she had to give a thumbs up to this ‘Summer’s Wind’!

After all, normal people knew that a horn cost ten dollars while a cross server horn costs a hundred dollars.

This was not a duel…..on the same level!

At the same time, in an European style room, a young man was looking at his computer screen as he took a sip of coffee before curling his lips in a faint smile.

His mouse went to the name ‘Summer’ and he right clicked before clicking ‘add as friend’.

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