Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1978: Master, please step up (Part 15)

It had to be said, she was shocked when she saw Admiring the Moon’s friend request.

After all, the rumours said that the number one Light Blade of the server was cold and hard to approach.

To suddenly add her as a friend, could it be that her main character glow was too bright and it caught his attention?

Wa!  The feeling of a great god falling love at first sight really was good!

But it was a bit strange, why didn’t her affection increase at all!

Could it be that the system was malfunctioning?

“Di, di, di.”  It was a message from Admiring the Moon.

Luo Qing Chen had the hope of a young girl as she remembered something that she had read a long time ago.

‘The most exciting thing in this world is when a person that you thought you could never approach falls in love with you!’

She took a deep breath before opening the message from Admiring the Moon.

Luo Qing Chen felt the feeling of getting drunk fill her heart.

If it was said that the previous host’s world was void of colour, only having black and white.

Then right now——

It!  Was!  All!  Black!

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Summer, I saw you pick up a treasure in the field yesterday, do you want to sell it?

What love at first sigh?

What protagonist glow?

What person you could never approach falling in love with you?

These were things that only happened in the imagination and didn’t happen in the real world at all!

[DM] Summer: I’ll sell!  I don’t know what price to give you!

[Isn’t the host afraid of losing affection in front of the male lead?]

Stop being noisy!

Since the other side wanted to go from stranger to friend by buying something, it wasn’t a bad thing!

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Give a price.

A boss was a boss, cherishing his words like gold and not caring about money.

[DM] Summer: It seems like there’s only one copy of this book in our server, so I’ll give it to you for nine thousand!

Luo Qing Chen had the attitude of a merchant making money, so it wasn’t a low price, but it wasn’t too high either.

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Alright, let’s do a WeChat transfer.



Nine thousand!  Nine thousand!  Nine thousand!  That was three months salary for a normal worker!

God Admiring the Moon bought it that easily?

After Luo Qing Chen sent him the link for her WeChat account, she quickly received a transfer for nine thousand dollars.

A boss really was a boss, he could give money first without being afraid of being cheated.

But she wasn’t a scammer.  After sending the Wild Scrolls to Admiring the Moon, she looked at the time and found that it was half past twelve.

She still had class tomorrow and she would be late if she didn’t sleep soon.

[DM] Summer: Thanks boss!  It was a good trade!

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Un.

After the boss got what he wanted, he spoke even more concisely.

Luo Qing Chen logged off after reading the horns, also not forgetting to send some cross server messages.

Sun God and Cute Darling were quiet, they didn’t send a single horn.

Actually she had already guessed that it would end like this since she knew how much money Sun God had.

But the Fighting the World Together guild chat was much more riled up compared to the world chat that had quieted down.

Fighting the World Together.

[Guild] Dragon God Big Brother: I really don’t know why such a small matter caused two high level healers and all those other people to leave.

[Guild] Cute Darling: Dragon God Big Brother, you’re wrong about that!  She was the one that provoked me with the horn first, is there a reason not to respond?

[Guild] Dragon God Big Brother: But you were the one to provoke them first in the guild chat.

After saying this, Dragon God Big Brother left the guild.

The atmosphere in the Fighting the World Together suddenly became very tense.

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