Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1982: Master, please step up (Part 19)

Luo Qing Chen felt her head buzz, like there was a meteor that hit the earth.

Gong Mu Bai!  Gong Mu Bai!  Gong Mu Bai!

This, this, this……Wasn’t this plot……teacher and student love?

[The host that doesn’t have any affection doesn’t have teacher and student love at all!]

The previous host’s memories didn’t have this person, right?

[Butterfly effect!  The system doesn’t want to repeat it again.  When the host reached this plane, it changed the plot of this world.]


Luo Qing Chen coldly responded to the system before looking at Gong Mu Bai again.

A beautiful face, a light blue dress shirt that was rolled up at the wrist.  It was beautiful and a bit sexy.

If it was ancient times, he would definitely be a white robed youth whose actions would have an elegance that others wouldn’t have.

“Teacher, do you take questions?”  A few seconds later, a person with a blush on their face slowly raised their hand as they asked this with a shy smile.

The crowd immediately focused as they waited for Gong Mu Bai’s response.

“Alright.”  His beautiful eyes looked at his students with a sparkle in them, “If you ask a question, I’ll ask one too.”

The class representative took the initiative to ask, “Teacher, do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.”  Gong Mu Bai replied immediately before picking up the chalk and writing a question on the board.

If f(x)dx=(x^3)e^(3x)+C, what is f(x)?

The rowdiness in the class suddenly stopped.  Even Luo Qing Chen had to admit how amazing Gong Mu Bai’s trick of exchanging questions was.

The girl with the blush and the class representative immediately shrunk back.  The boys who usually liked to be noisy suddenly became very quiet.

“I’ve answered my question, it’s time for you to answer this question.”  He put down the chalk as a faint sparkle appeared in his eyes.  The sunlight from outside the window fell onto his face, making him look incredibly handsome.

“No one is going to answer my question?”  Gong Mu Bai narrowed his eyes before they stopped in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

What…..What was he looking at her for?  It wasn’t her who asked the question.

“Teacher, Qing Chen is our class’ math representative, let her answer!”  Lin Xiao Xiao who had been holding back suddenly found his courage as he said this.

Because he could understand expressions, seeing Gong Mu Bai looking in the direction of Luo Qing Chen, he directly rocked the boat!

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned to Luo Qing Chen and becoming the center of attention made her feel a bit awkward.

“Ke, ke.”  She cleared her throat before standing up to say, “Hello teacher……”

“Since you are the representative of my class, why don’t you answer this question on behalf of your classmates?”  Gong Mu Bai narrowed his deep eyes as he revealed a gentle smile that made people unconsciously feel nervous if they took a few looks.

Luo Qing Chen heard this and then turned to the blackboard.  It was a difficult problem, but it really wasn’t difficult for her at all.

“Alright!”  Her lips curled as she revealed a faint smile, confidently coming up to the board.

When she picked up the chalk, she didn’t forget to look at Gong Mu Bai out of the corner of her eyes.  It was like he was seriously looking at……the chalk in her right hand.

Watching her write the answer on the blackboard without any hesitation.

Un, there was no process written either!


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