Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1984: Master, please step up (Part 21)

“What’s wrong with my battle power?  I can still work hard!  Hey, hey!”

“Du, du, du, du, du, du.”

Before Cheng Xing Xing could finish, Luo Qing Chen had already cut the call.  She quickly took the two stacks of paper and said, “Then teacher, I’ll be heading back to the classroom first.”

Gong Mu Bai’s eyes were very deep as he narrowed them, as if he could see through everything.

Luo Qing Chen escaped from his gaze and left the office as fast as lightning!

It’s all Cheng Xing Xing’s fault, why did she call her now!  Is taking the day off that great!

Luo Qing Chen fell into self reflection for the entire afternoon.  The worst result was that Gong Mu Bai knew that they played the same game and that they were in the same guild.

A guild had over a hundred people, it wasn’t easy to find out who she was!

[Why does the host not want the male lead to know who you are?]

Because…..I want a fantasy romance too.  I feel that the setting in real life is too…..taboo.

Although she didn’t know if this was the right way to describe it, she felt that the relationship between a teacher and a student was a bit bold!


When she went home that night, she bought a large cup of bubble tea.  She quickly finished off the math homework while also taking care of her daily tasks in front of the computer.

Everyone in the guild was preparing for the league.  With Luo Qing Chen’s battle power, she would definitely be in the league and would be in an important position.

Hundred Dream Scholar: Everyone, get on YY to prepare for the league at eight.  Everyone with at least forty thousand battle power, join my group.

Luo Qing Chen thought about joining the group, but she never thought that Blossoming would DM her.

[DM] Blossoming: Summer, quickly get in the group!  We’re fighting Fighting the World Together today!  I heard that Sun God raised his battle power to forty five thousand last night!

Ha, ha!  She knew about this.  Not only did she know, she knew the follow up which was he was forced to transfer after stealing his father’s credit card……

But to fight this quickly, Luo Qing Chen’s heart was still filled with excitement.

She stopped doing her daily tasks and clicked the name Hundred Dream Scholar to join the group.

When she did, she was transferred from the ninth team she had been into the first team.

There was a familiar name that entered her gaze, Admiring the Moon.

She was on the same team as the great god, she was a bit excited!

[The great god is the math teacher who gave you two worksheets……]

Can we not talk, I feel that it’s better when you’re silent!  I want to slap you whenever you talk!


The system was helpless as it spread its non-existent hands.  It showed that the host really didn’t care about the real life relationships between people of this world!

The league started at eight, it was a thirty man battlefield.

To put it simply, Fighting the World Together and Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine would both send out the strongest thirty people to fight each other.

This was also Luo Qing Chen’s first time using a healer to participate in the league.  She was afraid that she would forget to heal and would go deal damage.

Admiring the Moon could see through her thoughts and wrote a line in the guild chat.

[Guild] Admiring the Moon: Healers, on me!  I’ll kill who you want to kill, don’t you move yourselves.

The entire Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine blew up and the girls who had been hiding for a long time came out to worship their god!

[Guild] Hundred Dream Scholar: Admiring the Moon, don’t be this handsome!  My young girl’s heart is surging!

[Guild] Cold As Autumn: Vice guild master, what is an old man like you surging for, it should be me that’s surging.  This is my first time seeing the great god speak, I’m a bit nervous and a bit excited!

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