Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1985: Master, please step up (Part 22)

[Guild] Cutting the Sword of Love: Great god, notice me!

[Guild] Blossoming: Great god, notice me!

[Guild] It’s Glazed Glass:  Great god, notice me!


The girls in the guild covered the screen in requests without a response, until Luo Qing Chen sent a message.

[Guild] Summer:  Great god, notice me!

Gong Mu Bai replied.

[Guild] Admiring the Moon: Noticed.

The members of the guild started teasing, but Gong Mu Bai didn’t care and he didn’t say anything else.

Until right before eight, Luo Qing Chen received something in her mailbox which came from her apprentice, White Clothes like the Beginning.

This mail had various enhancement potions, food items, and pills.  As well as a sentence that said, waiting for master to kill in all directions!


I’m afraid that master will have to disappoint since master is a healer!

But in order to respond this casual player apprentice who made all these buff items for her, Luo Qing Chen seriously replied with her thanks and praised him for being a good apprentice that everyone loved!

As soon as she sent this, the other side had already logged off.

Did he……go to eat dinner?

Luo Qing Chen didn’t have time to think as she filled up on the potions and entered battle state.

The battle was about to begin.  Fighting the World Together as the winners last week, their experts couldn’t help sending a few horns.

Of course, Sun God who raised his battle power to forty five thousand also sent a horn.

[Horn] A Bowl of Diamond Instant Noodles: Trash of Drunken Dream, you think you can win with a few more healers!  Father will still beat you up!

[Horn] Sun God: A handicapped person will never be able to create a storm!

Everyone knew that Sun God’s simple words were directed at no one else but Luo Qing Chen.

Even with a few victories in planting the flag, the previous host’s deep rooted impression of being handicapped was still in his mind.

In his eyes, she had beaten Fairy and Tail purely because of luck and her battle power.

If they were fighting in the league, she definitely wouldn’t have this kind of luck!

Of course, it would seem cowardly if the enemy guild didn’t send some horns, so Drunken Dream’s experts fought back since they couldn’t keep watching.

[Horn] Hundred Dream Scholar: Don’t you know in your heart why you won last week?  Did you have fun on your holiday?  How many of our experts didn’t go?  You think you’re that great because you won when Admiring the Moon wasn’t here?

[Horn] Sun God: What a joke?  Can your Admiring the Moon beat an entire team!  I’m afraid that he can’t even beat two of me!

Since the other side was still the number one expert in the server, although Sun God wasn’t convinced, he didn’t dare say he could fight him one on one, he could only say two of him.

But this was cowardly in the eyes of the people watching!

[World] Falling Happiness: Why do I feel that Sun is strangely afraid!

[World] A Small Bear: Ha, ha!  Fellow person!  Since he’s using two of him to compare, this sentence is quite low!

[World] Forgetting the Dream, Forgetting You: Actually it can also mean that this person called Sun has a bit of self awareness!


The ridicule of the entire world made Sun God unable to take this and he couldn’t help sending another horn in his anger.

[Horn] Sun God: How so?  A bunch of poor people who only dare to talk in world chat and doesn’t dare to send horns!  When Fighting the World Together wins, don’t come back kneeling and begging.

[Horn] Hundred Dream Scholar: Stop talking if you can make a move, waiting on the battlefield for you!

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