Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1986: Master, please step up (Part 23)

At eight, they entered the league battlefield right on time.

During the preparation time, Luo Qing Chen looked over the battlefield data.  Although there were quite a few experts in Fighting the World Together, there were also some noobs.

For example, the three plastic sisters.

This Fairy, Sweetheart, and Cute were all healers!  Although their skills weren’t bad, they could only be considered mediocre in her eyes.

Adding in the fact that their battle power wasn’t high, when facing such a powerful DPS like Admiring the Moon, they couldn’t take the damage output of his unparalleled skills at all.

Facts proved this as Drunken Dream took three points right at the beginning of the match.

Luo Qing Chen followed Admiring the Moon, watching him kill from double kill to triple kill to killing in all directions to super god.

He was like a god of war as he charged into the crowd of red names, unleashing his ‘Thousand Flashy Blades’.

The three ‘darlings’ couldn’t resist at all as they could only look at their black and white screen, choosing to revive.

Ten minutes later, Drunken Dream already created a large gap in score with Fighting the World Together.  Luo Qing Chen and Gong Mu Bai stayed at Star Moon to make sure that no one stole points from them.

When the enemy was about to lose, Sun God led the three healers to the point they were occupying.  Charging forward in an imposing manner, without a single world, he went in Gong Mu Bai’s direction.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes.  She switched over to damage and headed in the direction of the three plastic sisters.

Since they had to fight, she wouldn’t waste the buff potions that her apprentice sent her.

Seeing the names of the three healers, there was a strange flame in her heart.  She used all kinds of sharp plays to control them while dealing damage.

But they were three healers, so she couldn’t take care of them with just a few skills and she let them heal a bit for Sun God.

But it was only a bit of HP in her eyes.  The healer with the lowest battle power among the three of them was Cute Darling, so she used a CC skill and a damage skill to take her out directly.

When Fairy Darling wanted to revive her, she used a big skill to take them away.

Then she finally killed the supporting female lead, Sweetheart Darling.

She didn’t even understand why this person was the supporting female lead, but since the bronze mirror gave her this title, it meant that she would definitely meet her in real life.

When she killed the final healer of the girls group, the match ended!

There was a big ‘victory’ that was displayed on the screen.

When Luo Qing Chen with a happy face was about to type on the keyboard, she suddenly saw the Light Blade with five hundred HP left standing not far away, as well as the corpse at his feet with the ID Sun God!


Didn’t she forget something?

“Du, du, du, du.”  It was a message from the great god.

[DM] Admiring the Moon: I used one life bar to fight a Burning Sky with five life bars…..

[DM] Summer: Great god!  It’s my fault!  ∑(0.0)?!

Luo Qing Chen used a cute emote to ask for forgiveness since she really didn’t heal him just now!

[DM] Admiring the Moon: The one vs three was quite exciting.  I stood there watching for a bit or I would have half my HP left!

Damn!  The great god was even in a mood to watch her, simply amazing!

[DM] Summer: The great god really is powerful!  *^_^*

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