Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1987: Master, please step up (Part 24)

In order to make up for not healing the great god, she seriously flattered him.

What she didn’t know was that Gong Mu Bai’s words would make her want to vomit out blood.

[DM] Admiring the Moon: I just want to know if my HP reached the limit, would you turn around to heal me.


Luo Qing Chen saw Gong Mu Bai’s words and felt a cold wind blowing over her.

When she was thinking about how to reply, there was another message sent.

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Facts proved that you were more focused on dealing damage!

[DM] Summer: =。= Am I being looked down on by the great god?  How about I change jobs?  I’m quite good at playing Flowing Light, I can heal and deal damage!

She still remembered when she played Flowing Light in this game, her healing and dealing damage had reached a level that couldn’t be matched.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t Flowing Light in this game and there was no harm in changing jobs!

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Actually I feel that you playing healer is quite good!   Could feel your healing and love just now!


Why did it suddenly change!

[DM] Summer: ?!  Great god, didn’t you not say this earlier!

[DM] Admiring the Moon: If you change to Flowing Light, you will focus on dealing damage.  It’s good to be a healer, you can also bind.

When Admiring the Moon typed this, she felt strangely nervous.

This game had many definitions for bind, it could be a normal friend or it could mean…..as a contracted.

Before Luo Qing Chen could react, the entire world and horn channels exploded.

After all, last week Fighting the World Together won against Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine.

Actually, if the two guilds compared battle power, Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine should be higher.

But Drunken Dream had fewer high level healers, so when Mu Yue wasn’t able to absolutely crush the enemy, it gave the opponents the chance to come back.

Although Luo Qing Chen as a healer didn’t pay attention to the other healers of the group, it could be seen from the healing rankings that the healer named Blossoming had healed quite a bit.

And she was second place.

One only cared about victory and loss in the game, not the process.

Fighting the World Together had lost and lost this badly, so they could be considered humiliated.

Whether it was in the horn channel or the world channel.

[Horn] Hundred Dream Scholar: Yo, yo, yo!  Where’s that powerful Sun God that couldn’t even deal half as much damage as father?  Coward!

[World] A Small Bear: He doesn’t dare come out!?  After all, this score is rather shameful!

[World] Little Star Shining Bright: Ha, ha!  I want to ask, who said that a handicapped person couldn’t change the battle?  Stand up!  I saw Summer fighting three on one during the battle!

Pu!  Wasn’t this Cheng Xing Xing?

It had to be said that she really had a big heart!  She was still clearly in Fighting the World Together and she could jump in like this!

[World] Falling Happiness: This treasure is laughing to death?  Fighting the World Together, do you see this?  Even your members can’t watch this anymore!  Y(^o^)Y~

[World] Little Star Shining Bright: Damn!  Don’t associate me with them!  Fighting the World Together’s enemies, invite me if you have the skills!  I can raise my battle power, I can charge more money!

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help laughing when she saw Cheng Xing Xing’s message, it really was a bit cute.

There was a notification that appeared in the guild chat.

[Guild] Hundred Dream Scholar has invited Little Star Shining Bright, everyone welcome her!

[Guild] Little Star Shining Bright: Qing!  I’m here for you!  [Summer’s status]

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