Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1989: Master, please step up (Part 26)

She didn’t know why she felt like she couldn’t move at all, as if from the computer screen, she could feel…..an ambiguous feeling.

The gentle music coming from her headphones with the sounds of birds and insects, the pink petals that slowly fell from the sky and the rivers of stars that filled the sky.

She remembered when she came here alone yesterday, it wasn’t like this at all.

This time, she felt immersed in the atmosphere and was secretly happy.

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Bind as a healer, alright?

Actually, he wasn’t planning on forming a contract with her this quickly.  But without knowing why, seeing Sun God and Cute Darling in the horn chat gave him a feeling of wanting to protect her.

This feeling had been hidden deep in his heart and now it was slowly spreading.

[DM] Summer: A contract!  What is the great god’s dowry?

Luo Qing Chen had said this as a joke, but Gong Mu Bai took it seriously and sent a cross server message.

[Cross Server] Admiring the Moon: How about this Wild Hero Spirit as a dowry gift? [Wild Hero Scroll★★★★]

She was stunned when she saw the cross server message.  Wasn’t this the hero spirit that she sold to him for nine thousand?

The world exploded afterwards!  It had completely exploded!

Of course, what everyone was focused on wasn’t the hero spirit worth nine thousand.

Rather was the number one expert of the server, god Admiring the Moon planning on forming a contract?

[World] How Many Flowers Falling in the Dream: Damn!  Father has a feeling of eating glass!

[World] A Small Bear: Tell me!  Who is the one that god Admiring the Moon is giving the dowry to?!

[World] Blossoming: Ha, ha!  I know who, I saw them in the contract land!

At the same time, there were a bunch of people that came to the contract land through the teleportation array at the entrance.

Moreover, in Fighting the World Together’s YY, there was someone called Sweetheart Darling gritting her teeth with an unwilling look.

“I don’t believe it!  How could god Admiring the Moon have a contract?  Give me a Thousand Mile Chasing Wind and I’ll go kill her!”

“Sweetheart, calm down.  We know that you’ve loved god Admiring the Moon for a long time!  But we really can’t afford to offend the god.”

“That’s right, Sweetheart.  Perhaps it’s only an acquaintance, don’t……”

Before Cute Darling’s voice fell, they saw the cross server massage that Luo Qing Chen sent.

[Cross Server] Summer: Alright!

Actually, before she even replied, she had received the dowry from Gong Mu Bai in her mailbox.

He had received such an expensive hero spirit, but he hadn’t opened it.

Because this kind of scroll would be bound once it was opened.  This meant that he never thought of using it when he got it.

Because of Luo Qing Chen’s response, the entire world chat reached the point where it covered the screen.

[World] Blossoming: Ha, ha, ha!  My guess was right!

[World] Falling Happiness: Wa!  God Admiring the Moon wouldn’t have made a move to protect Summer because someone else was talking in the horn channel, right!

[World] Thinking of Autumn Wind: Exploding with handsomeness, alright?

[Horn] Hundred Dream Scholar: Summer, you really are amazing!  I’ve known Admiring the Moon for many years and he has never had a contract in any game.  I remember him saying that if he found a contracted, he would send a red packet of ten million!

When Hundred Scholar sent this horn, there was a red packet horn that was sent.

[Horn] Admiring the Moon: [Red packet from Admiring the Moon for ten million Cloud Coins]

[Horn] Blossoming: Damn!  So handsome!

[Horn] Admiring the Moon: I’ve already sent the red packet, I’m going to form a contract now.

The declaration of the contract between Admiring the Moon and Summer rang out through the world.

There were large fireworks that exploded in the contract land that filled it with pink candies, gathering many people to watch.

Among them was Sweetheart Darling who still wouldn’t believe that Gong Mu Bai and Luo Qing Chen had formed a contract.

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